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How To Pick The Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Just like you do the makeup, you probably will select the right foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer, etc, to match your skin tone and desirable looks, or apply blush and highlight to the exact parts of your cheeks, jawline, nose, or neck for a better result.

A specific hairstyle may also require you to take many facial features into consideration. But with all of those efforts, having the right hairstyle with some curls, or waves that work well with your face can show the best features of your beauty.

Face Shapes

Though everyone has his or her unique face shape, we can take some notes from the following tips for the most common face shape to style our looks with better ideas and inspirations.

What Is Your Face Shape?

The most important parts of determining your face shape are your jawline, forehead, and how long your face is. You can figure out your face shape by asking yourself the following questions, such as “Do I have a strong or edged jawline?” “Is my forehead wide or small?” But do remember we can have many features of several face shapes, so you just need to find the one that is closest to your face shape.

You can opt for some specific hair weaves or wigs that have styles, such as curly bundles, body wave weaves to upgrade your looks and flatter your face shape.

Curly Bundles

Body Wave

There are 6 of the most common face shapes: Round face shape, oval face shape, square shape, long, heart-shaped, diamond shape, oblong face shape.

1. Round Face

Round Face

You can try some hairstyles with long layers by having weaves or wigs to add the length of your natural hair. It can frame your baby's face for shortening the width of your face and turning it into an oval shape. Avoid a hairstyle that can shorten the length of your face.

2. Oval Face

Oval Face

Many people consider the oval face as one versatile shape due to its well-balanced look. But you can opt for some bold but chic ideas like bob hair and pixie cut for the summertime.

3. Square Face

Square Face

If you have a wide forehead and cheekbone, offsetting a certain degree of edged features maybe serve well with your looks. You can choose those hairstyles that cover some parts of your forehead like bangs, or a wisp of hair on the sides of your face to frame the jawline.

4. Heart Face

Heart Face

A heart face features a wide forehead but a narrow jawline, which differentiate from the square face. You can use bangs or loose curls to conceal some parts of your forehead and keep the edge of your cheekbones. Or you can just opt for a bob wig or pixie cut to show the characteristics of your face.

5. Diamond Face

Diamond Face

Contrary to square face, people with diamond face have narrow forehead and jawline, but featuring with pointed chins and cheekbones. You can have long layers or straight or loose wave hair side-part to soften the edge of your face if you intend to cover up the angles.

6. Oblong Face

Oblong Face

The oblong face resembles a square face, but with a longer length. You can use bangs to shorten the length and shoulder-length layers to soften the sharpness of your jawlines or cheekbones.

Bob Haircuts

You are probably wondering what is the best face shape. Well, every face shape has its feature and everyone is pretty in their own way. The secret is that you should choose the right make-up, hairstyles, or some accessories to match the best part of your facial features.

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