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The Best Claw Clip Hairstyles To Transform Your Look

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Are you tired of a single hairstyle every day? Would you like to alter your hairstyle? As is known to us, claw clips are a hair accessory that has been around for a long time. The claw clip style trend is taking the world by storm. Claw clips are available in diverse types and sizes. It can be devoted to creating an array of stunning hairstyles, from sleek updos to loose buns. Do you have a fascination with claw clip hairstyles right now? If you would like to know more about hairstyles with claw clips, keep reading this blog.

1. Half Up Hairstyles With Claw Clip


In view of the fact that half up hairstyle with a claw clip makes people look very attractive and feminine, it is extremely prevailing and treated as one of the most relatable options for office girls. Not only those with long hair but also those with short hair can try this hairstyle for a very cute appearance. Different hair lengths matched with this hairstyle will leave a different impression on people.

If you would like to have half up claw clip hairstyle, you just need to take the hair on the top half of the head, adjust the volume so that the hair does not get squished, and use the top of the ear as the boundary. Secure the hair with clips, then loosen and adjust until you are completely satisfied.

2. Claw Clip French Twist


Are you searching for a hairstyle that creates you look more exquisite and elegant? Claw clip french twist is the best choice for you! This hairstyle, which was very iconic in the 90s, is still worshiped by people. Not only is this style available for all hair lengths and textures, but it's a quick and easy hairstyle for girls.

If claw clip French twist exerts a tremendous fascination on you, you can have a try. First of all, put all your hair on your back as though you are going to have a low ponytail. Then start twisting your hair in one direction. Last but not least, fold it back or tuck the end under your twist and clip!

3. Low Ponytail Claw Clip Hairstyles 


As we all know, the low ponytail is classic all the time and not out of date. However, we generally tie our hair with a headband. Are you tired of tying your hair with a headband? Now you can pick up using a claw clip to clip your hair. The low ponytail hairstyle with claw clip gives the impression that you are gentle, mature, and generous.

Would you like to try low ponytail claw clip hairstyles? You can comb your hair behind your ears, determine the height of the low ponytail you want, then use your hand to tighten the hair 2-3 times, and finally secure it with a claw clip. There is a thing you need to keep an eye on: you have to comb your hair smoothly before proceeding with these steps.

4. Messy Half Top Knot For Short Hair


A variety of people may think about claw clips are designed for long hair, but it is not true. Only because you have short hair doesn't indicate you can't use claw clips! You can style your hair in a messy half top knot. It gives people a playful, cute, and lively impression.

If you want this hairstyle, you can divide the front part of the hair into three sections, then take the middle part, twist it into a topknot, and secure it with claw clips. There is one thing to remind you: don't forget to remove a few strands from the front for it can help you better modify your face shape.

5. Space Buns Hairstyle With Claw Clips


Want a lively and gorgeous hairstyle with claw clips? Space buns hairstyle is all you need. It can make you look vibrant and very cute. If you are interested in it, you can part the hair down the middle and divide it in two, making two ponytails on top of each side. Then wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail and secure them with little claw clips. Therefore come and try this hairstyle.

6. Bubble Braids With Butterfly Clips


Would you like to have a more fashionable hairstyle? Bubble braids with butterfly clips are the best option for you. Bubble braids with butterfly clips can not only improve the sophistication of the hairstyle but also looks very smart and cute. You can have a try if you particularly have an interest in bubble braids with butterfly clips. In addition, you can use various colors of butterfly clips to dress your braids.

7. Tousled Tucked-in Braid Updo


Want to try a more gorgeous braid? A tousled tucked-in braid updo is what you are looking for. It gives people a sense of maturity, elegance, and temperament. So are you attracted by it? If you are interested in it, you can braid your hair starting at the top of your head and stopping throughout the length of your hair, then twist your braid up and clip it with a claw clip.

8. Twisted Bun With Claw Clips


Are you tired of the same hairstyle every day? Now you can alter your hairstyle. A twisted bun with claw clips suits you very well. And it leaves people with a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Do you want to try this hairstyle? If you have an interest in it, you can place your hair at the height you like, then twist them up and secure it with claw clips. It is so simple that you can have a try.


Here is a great number of hairstyles with claw clips we recommend for you. If these hairstyles exert a tremendous fascination on you, you can pick up the hairstyle you like and try it out for it will definitely bring a different feeling. What&rsquo's more, you can choose the most gorgeous claw clip depending on your demands and meets, then use it to match your favorite hairstyle. Therefore hurry up and start your gorgeous claw clip hairstyle journey!

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