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The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape In 2022

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As is well known, the hairstyle can have a great influence on a person’s level of appearance, while bangs are the finishing point of a hairstyle. The nice bangs can not only make you more stylish and beautiful, but also modify your face shape. However, girls who have different face shapes should choose different bangs. Today, we will help you find out the best bangs for your face shape through this guide.

As we all know, there are six basic face shapes for us: oval, oblong, square, heart, diamond, and round.

Oval Face

The Features Of Oval Face

The oval face is the standard face shape and is considered the most perfect face shape. After all, an oval face has smooth facial lines, a well-defined forehead, and an equal distance between the forehead, nose, and chin. But if you have an oval face, you will have a high forehead, your cheekbones will be the widest part of your face, and the length of your face is longer than the length of your face.

The Best Bangs For Oval Face

Blunt bangs

There is no doubt that people who have an oval face are the luckiest as they can try any bangs. Although you can choose almost any bangs you like, the blunt bangs will make you look more flattering and amazing.

Full bangs


You also look at the hairstyle of Taylor Swift as a reference. Her full bangs look not too much heavy but surely cover her forehead, while choppy ends create a soft and fluffy texture, which perfectly complements her delicate features.

And choosing the right bangs for your face shape is just a starting. Although you have already to find out the best bangs according to your face shape, it doesn’t mean you will completely love the bangs. Before you find your favorite bangs, you can buy a human hair wig to test if you like it or not. In addition, it is a good idea for people who are suffering from hair loss, which can make them fully enjoy the beauty of bangs.

Oblong Face

The Features Of Oblong Face

People with an oblong face usually have a long face and soft facial lines. However, the biggest problem is that the face is too long. After all, the length of an oblong face is about twice the width of the oblong face, which is the reason why the oblong face is also called “long face”.

The Best Bangs For Oblong Face

Parted Bangs


For the oblong face, you need to notice is to choose the bangs that can shorten facial length, for example, parted bangs. Just like the parted bangs of Rihanna create symmetry while offsetting the long face shape.

Blunt Bangs


Of course, the classic blunt bang is always a safe choice as it can not only camouflage a high forehead but can also add width to your face. Raquel Welch got these bangs.

Square Face

The Features Of Square Face

If you have a square face, you will have the same width of your forehead, cheekbone, and jaw. Although the shape of the square face is similar to that of the round face in appearance, the jawlines are more pronounced and wider.

The Best Bangs For Square Face

A-Shaped Bangs


First of all, soft A-shaped bangs work best for those women who have a square face, which can soften your jawline and draw others’ attention.

Secondly, a long and layered fringe can effectively soften and balance your features.

And curtain bangs are a great option for you as you can effortlessly style them according to your preference.

What is more important, a short bob wig with bangs is a good choice for women with a square face. On the one hand, a short bob wig can perfectly complement the shortage of square face shape because of its round cut. On the other hand, the bangs can modify the wide jawline and hide the forehead, which will make you look more gorgeous. These bob wigs with bangs are all made of 100% virgin human hair, and are very convenient and easy to install for beginners.


Heart Face

The Features Of Heart Face

Similar to the square face shape, people with heart face often have a wider forehead and very pointed chin. Therefore, people who have a heart face need bangs that can bring all attention to the center of their face.

The Best Bangs For Heart Face

Crescent Bangs


Crescent bangs are great and flattering for the heart-shaped face. Do you know crescent bangs? In fact, crescent bangs are the most common bang shape by far, and have has a tapered or thinned outer edge that is shorter towards the middle, which can give people a 70’s retro style.

Choppy Bangs


Furthermore, you can also go for choppy bangs like Kerry Washington. These choppy bangs are of medium length, separated at both ends, and look great on her rough-textured waves. What is more important, the bangs that have eyebrow-skimming length perfectly bring out her eyes.

Diamond Face

The Features Of Diamond Face

When you find the cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your chin and forehead are very narrow, it means you have a diamond face.

The Best Bangs For Diamond Face

Long And Side Swept Bangs


Long and side swept bangs always look amazing on these people who have a diamond face, which can modify the wider cheekbones and shorten the overall length of the diamond face. Of course, you can look for Ashley Greene’s bangs for a reference.

Center-Parted Bangs


When it comes to the center-parted bangs for diamond face shape, we have to say Vanessa Hudgens. What cute and perfect her little center-parted bangs are! You can also purchase an HD lace wig to achieve the same hairstyle by cutting the baby hair. The HD lace wigs always are our hot-selling product and gain many praises and favors from the customers and fans because of the natural look. With it, we believe you will have an excellent appearance.


Round Face

The Features Of Round Face

People who have a round face usually have rounded chins and soft facial lines. Even the length of the round face is almost the same as the width of the round face.

The Best Bangs For Round Face

Feathered Bangs


If you want to balance or slim down your round face shape, nothing is better than to style some feathered bangs. Different from the straight bangs that will only accentuate your roundness, feathered bangs can perfectly frame and lengthen your face shape by virtue of the feathered and side-swept look.

Side Swept Bangs


For women who have a round face, side swept bangs can give them a totally new look. In addition, side swept bangs can lengthen your face so that it will look less rounded than before. Emma Stone often styles Old Hollywood-esque side swept bangs like the ones shown above.

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