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Straight Hair Weave Caring Tips

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Long straight virgin hair has become a trend for more and more woman in the world for its convenience and universality. Hair weaves are created with human hair or synthetic fibers and are available in many different textures, including wet and wavy, straight, kinky and curly. For many people, hair weaves give them the opportunity to change the length, texture and style of their hair as often as they want.


Whether you buy synthetic or human hair weave, you must take the proper steps to maintain it. Wavy and curly weave textures especially, can lose definition and become tangled if not cared for properly.

Today I would like share some tips of how to care your virgin straight hair,hope you can like it.

Things You'll Need

●Shampoo ●Conditioner ●Moisturizing Cream ●Wide tooth comb

●Soft bristle brush ●Styling products ●Silk or satin scarf or pillow ●Swim cap

You should think this problem

What types of products should I use to prevent heat damage when I straighten my hair?

You should use a heat protecting thermal spray and a light shine spray or serum to prep the virgin remy hair prior to using heat. Paul Mitchell Heat Protectant Spray and Pravana Nevo Hydra Pearls are good products to try.

In a word: the most important thing to care your straight hair is pretty simple: lots of moisture, with a little protein.


There isn’t a specific moisturizing deep conditioner that you should use. So long as it’s a quality deep conditioner that infuses your tresses with moisture and simply works for you, you’re golden. It’s important to provide your hair with plenty of moisture prior to using direct heat because the heat will cause some moisture loss.


For the protein, I either using a protein shampoo or spraying my hair with a protein leave-in (e.g. ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea or CHI Keratin Mist).


If you consider to buy Straight human hair weaves, no matter virgin peruvian hair or malaysian hair weave,hope this blog will give you some guides. For I have known something about straight hair weaves and how to care for it, I thought it would be great to share my knowledge of Straight human hair with you.



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