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Stop Your Malaysian Weave Hair From Shedding

Last updated Oct.16,2020 share with

A stylish new weave can transform your look instantly, and many feel that such transformation is well worth the cost.Nothing dims the fab feeling of a new weave quite like shedding. Is your weave guilty of misbehaving, aka shedding, soon after it’s installed? The main causes of shedding are improper care, improper styling, or failure to seal the weft of the weave.So, you have just gotten your hair done and now your Malaysian weave hair is shedding. What do you do? We are here to help.

1.Choose the strong weft

If you have a shedding weave, it is simply because the hair is slipping out of the track. This may be because the hair is silky straight or because the track is not tight enough. To prevent your weave from shedding, you will have to seal the weft before applying it.

Sew Around The Wefts

If you're a stylist doing a sew-in (or you're doing your own hair), avoid sewing the needle straight through the track. This not only causes shedding, but it also decreases the life span of your wefts.

You will need an adhesive and it will need to be applied to the hair just below the weft ON BOTH SIDES. Allow the glue to completely dry before applying the weft to your hair.

STOP your weave from SHEDDING

2.Give carefully hair care

2.1When you combe

Make sure your human hair weaves are brushed properly. Excessive brushing and combing can loosen the hair from the weft, but so can brushing and combing the hair incorrectly. Hair should be brushed while it is wet and while holding the hair half way down and starting from the ends, working your way up. In other words, always comb or brush your hair from the bottom up.

2.2When your wash

To avoid the shed, hair should be moisturized consistently with natural products. Shampoo and conditioning should be done no more than once a week, with natural products, and distributed with a wide tooth comb. Apply a leave-in conditioner to the weave and gently comb it in. Allow your weave to air-dry thoroughly. Avoid using a blow dryer and keep the use of other tools that give off heat, such as curling irons and flat irons, to a minimum. The goal is to keep your extensions as non-dry and healthy as possible to avoid excessive shedding.

2.3When you sleep

Wrap your hair up at night with a silk scarf. The scarf will prevent your weave from drying, breaking and snagging while you sleep. However, don’t tie it up too tight. That can also cause the shed. You may also wrap a second scarf around the first scarf for added security while you sleep.

Just treat your hair bundles with closure as your own hair weave,the more cautious your treat it,the more beautiful it will bring to you . Please note that this will reduce the shedding however since only one side of the track is sealed, it might not prevent the weave from shedding completely.Any problem pls contact us directly!

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