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Stop damaging your malaysian hair!How to do is right actually?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Little mistakes in your routine could be inadvertently messing with your style. Here's what's standing between you and a consistently gorgeous head of hair.In our quest for beautiful hair, we often do things that damage our weaving hair. Damaged hair is fragile, so it tends to break. Hair breakage can leave us with frizzy, unhealthy looking hair.

If we continue to damage our hair, we may eventually see thinning hair or even bald spots.The good news is that simple changes can prevent further hair damage. On this page, you’ll find some common hair-care practices that can damage hair and will help you to stop damaging your hair.

A:Over-loving your hair

1.Bleaching.Bleaching your hair penetrates the cuticle with chemicals and removes your natural pigment,Once you bleach, she explains, you've altered the strength of your hair, making it weaker.

2.Perms.Perming refers to either a chemical straightening or a chemical curling.It works by breaking the inner bonds of the hair and re-forming them back together in a different way.

consistent friction for hair to handle.

3.Highlights and coloring can can also change the inner structure of the hair, causing a lackluster look and dryness, especially if you frequently color to hide roots or gray hair.

4.Flat iron and blow-drying.Over time, the temporary changes can lead to more permanent damage if you tend to blow dry or iron on a daily basis.

shiny hair

B:Some hair-care habits that can damage your hair.

1.Washing your hair by rubbing shampoo into the length of your hair.Besides:It is always best to dilute the shampoo before use, as most shampoos contain a high concentration of chemicals that may damage your remy malaysian hair.

2.Skipping the conditioner or Over-shampooing both wrong.over-washing can wash away your hair's natural moisture that helps your hair look healthy, making your hair dry.

consistent friction for hair to handle.

3.Over-brushing.Over-brushing your hair can cause split ends and breakage, with the over-brushing causing just too much consistent friction for hair to handle.

wash hair

How can you avoid the damage to your hair?

"There are two things you can do," "First, cut off the damaged ends and start fresh. And try reducing what you're doing. ... If you notice your hair looking dull and dry, cut back on your styling until you get your hair back."

In generally:

1.Do not wash your hair daily.

2.Condition your hair after washing it.

3.Air-dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer.

4. Before and after washing your hair bundles with closure, detangle it with a wide-toothed comb.

5. Use a leave-in conditioner once or twice a week and use a hair reconstruction preparation once a week.

6. Cut hair or at least the ends monthly, to get rid of split ends.

7.Try to stay away from hot irons, and rubber bands.

8.Brush your hair with a boar-bristle brush at least once a day, from scalp to ends.

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