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Silk Press 101: What Is A Silk Press And Everything Else

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Wanna try something new on your natural hair? Spending time with your natural hair once in a while won't hurt. This silk press treatment is perfect for you to enjoy natural hair fun with less damage and mess to your hair.

What Is A Silk Press?

Silk Press

A silk press is a straightening method that uses flat iron with or without hair products to achieve a silky and glossy look on naturally textured hair, usually curly or afro hair.

And a silk press supposes to give your hair a nice and natural flow and shiny finish without a stiff look.

Pros And Cons Of A Silk Press


· Friendly To Natural Curly Hair
· Less Hair Damage With Fewer Chemicals
· Available To Create Versatile Straight Hairstyles


· Potential Heat Damage
· Need Special Hair Care
· Salon Trip (But It Is DIY Possible)
· Temporary Style (2-3 Weeks)

1. There are some tips you can do to prevent those damages to your natural hair, such as using heat protectant serum before applying heat.

2. Avoid using too much heat when you straighten your natural hair and don't use heat daily.

3. Pay attention to taking care of your straightened hair by using condition treatment for straight hair.

How Much Is A Silk Press?

It depends on your location, hair salon, and the situation of your natural hair, such as length, texture, and so on. And the average price for a silk press is around $60-$100.

How To Do A Silk Press At Home?

Everything You Need For A Silk Press

· Moisturizing shampoo

· Deep conditioner

· Heat protectant

· Clips

· Rattail comb

· Flat iron

· Blow-dryer

· Light hairspray

Step 1: Prepare Your Natural Hair

Always prepare your natural hair before diving into any style or dyes. You need to give your hair a full cleansing and conditioning especially if you own a coily hair, or type 3 and 4 hair.

And you can use some serum or coconut oil to moisturize your natural hair at the start.

Then use a heat protectant to further protect your natural hair from heat tools.

Step 2: Blow Dry Your Natural Hair

Brush your hair to a silky straight when you blow-dry your natural hair. And wait for your hair to cool down before using heat tools.

Step 3: Apply Heat To Your Natural Hair

Section your hair for applying flat iron. And follow the flat iron with your comb brushing down your straightened hair.

Do not have multiple times press on natural hair with a flat iron.

Step 4: Close The Silky Style

Get a trim to prevent the hair from tangling.

Use hairspray to seal the style.

How Long Does Silk Press Last?

A silk press can easily revert when it meets humidity and friction. It can last up to 2-3 weeks according to different maintenance.

Silk Press Wig

Pay In 4 Interest-free Payments Of $52.66

How To Take Care Of Silk Press Hair?

1. Protect You Hair At Night With A Satin Hat Or Silk Pillow Case

2. Stay Away From Heat And Humidity

3. Give Your Hair A Trim Regularly

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