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Should I Get Bangs?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

For some ladies, the “should I get bangs?” is a question that pops to mind once in a while, but for others, the craving for fringe hovers in the back of their minds almost all the time. Of late, many celebs rock the stylish fringes.

Bangs are just incredible because they give you a younger look. However, even though they appear effortless, the build-up is not quite as cheery. If you are thinking of getting bangs, there are a lot of important things you need to know, and there are also questions you need to ask yourself such as:

  • Do you mind a hair in your face?
  • Will you be able to handle regular trims?
  • How much should you style your hair at home?
  • Will you be willing to style the bangs every day?

Should I Get Bangs?

This article gives you everything you need to know about bangs and how to make the most out of it. Keep reading to learn more.

1.Choose your statement

Bangs come in different styles, including side-swept bangs, straight-across bangs, angled bangs, etc.  The style of bang you choose should match what you want to say with your look. For instance, a softer bang is more romantic.

2.Your face shape determines your bang style

Face shapes fall into five categories, including round, heart-shaped, oval, long, and square. Your face shape will determine the style of bang you get. Square face shape should try a softer wispy fringe, which is longer around the temples or a side-swept look.  For people with round, oval, or heart-shaped faces, they can wear any style of fringe.

And for long faces, heavy, straight bangs are usually ideal. Although you may ignore the shape of your face and get the type of bang that you think is the best, just know that it might not end up suiting you perfectly.

3.Be realistic about your bang goals

Before cutting your bangs, you need to understand your natural hair texture and the effort you will need to put into your new style. It is always advisable to embrace your natural hair so that you can imagine what the bangs will look like if not styled.

Even if you intend to use hot tools or blow-dry consistently, there will days when you might not have the time, and so, you don’t want to be disappointed by what your bangs will look like with less styling.

4.Make sure you understand the level of commitment required when you get a bang

Although bangs look so chick and enhance your looks, they require time and commitment to maintain them. If you are the type who doesn’t love styling your hair, bangs can really be a hectic task for you. So, it would be advisable not to get a bang.

how to choose wig with bangs

5.Your hair texture plays a significant factor

While anyone can have bangs, they may not get the bang style they want. Your hair texture plays a significant role in determining the style of bang that suits you and your lifestyle. If you have thin hair, a heavy bang may not be the best for you since it would need to be thinned out to lay flat. Before you get bangs, it’s advisable to ask your stylist which bang will suit you and your lifestyle.

6.Be ready for regular trims

One of the biggest challenges of having bangs is creating time in your schedule for regular trims. How frequent you trim your bangs depends on the length and style of your bang. For short and blunt bangs, you should trim them every four weeks. Side-swept bangs tend to last a long time, so you can trim them after six to eight weeks to maintain them.

7.Talk to your hairstylist

Before you get bangs, the first thing you need to do is to talk to your hairstylist. He or she knows what your hair texture will do when bangs are cut in a particular way, and he she will help you choose the best style of bang that will suit you.  Your hairstylist will also educate you on the right hair products you should use and how to style your bang. So, you should sit down with your hairstylist and discuss having bangs before getting them.

8.You may need to wash them more than you shampoo your hair

You should treat your bangs like an extension of your face. If you are washing your face every morning, you should also wash your fringe. If you have oily skin, your fringe will also be extra oily. Your face is going to be wet after washing, so it won’t hurt to wash and style your bangs, too.

9.Styling with a flatiron daily can lead to damage

A lot of volume in your fringe is not recommended. You should pull the hair forward, instead of out and up, using a really small brush and blow-dryer on moderate or low heat. Avoid using flatiron on your bangs as it can fry the already small amounts of hair.

Bang styling tips

Generally, bangs are quite tricky to style. But when styling, you can use a flat brush and blow-dry the hair. You can also use a light styling spray on the wet hair to hold the style.

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FAQ about bangs

Should I cut my own bang?

Never. Rule number one of getting a bang is not to cut it in yourself. Let the hairdresser do that for you. After all, they are the expert when it comes to hair.

Do bangs work on curly hair?

Yes. Even girls with curls can get bangs, too.

Can bangs help make me look younger?

Bangs not only enhance your appearance, but it also gives you a very youthful look. But, no matter your age, this style can be an exciting change.

How often do I need to trim my bangs?

How frequent you trim your hair depends on the length and style of the bang. Shorter bangs should be trimmed after every two weeks, while longer ones after every six weeks.

Are you looking for a wig with bangs?

Only the truly stylish make the leap to rock forehead fringe—and that could be you.Wig with bangs and clip in bangs are a great way to try out the fringe benefits without committing to a cut. Well-matched bangs can perfectly enhance the facial features you want to emphasize,And finally, the bangs are first and foremost an eye-catching change of appearance. Do you agree?

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