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Share Your Look,Get the Big Coupon and Free Hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Beauty pageants became very popular each year. All participants had to supply a photograph and a short description of themselves to be eligible to enter. 

Have you joined a beauty contest? Do you want to be a queen in a crowded? If your answer is yes, now you should grasp this opportunity-UNice beauty contest.

If you want to be stunning, you can join UNice Miss Activity.

If you want to be attractive, you can join UNice Miss Activity.

If you want to be charming, you can join UNice Miss Activity.

If you want to be glamorous, you can join UNice Miss Activity.

If you want to be exquisite, you can join UNice Miss Activity. 

Invitation to You in UNice Beauty Pageant 

What is Miss Unice Activity?

What is Miss Unice Activity?

UNice holds these Beauty pageants to prompt our brand, and invite more women to be more confident, show their beauty and get free hair+coupon codes, vote time: start from Otc,28th-Nov,10th.

Miss UNice Time:


If you want to get more information: click here

How To Be The Winner: 

1. Upload one of your favorite photos(≤10MB)

2. Call on your friends and family to vote for you.   

How To Vote:

1. Press the “VOTE” button to vote for yourself or others.

2. Each person can vote 1 time for 5 different contestants/day. Click here to vote for your favorite.

3. By search name, find the beauty you want to vote for, click the “vote” button.

4. The more you share the link, the big chance you to be the winner. Click Share now. 

What prize you can get? 

First prize: Top selling honey human hair wigs.

First prize

Second prize: 3 bundles of hair.

Second prize:

Participation award:

Participation award

Lucky award: 

Lucky award

lf the last digit of the ranking number is 8, a free silk nightcap will be sent as the surprise prize! For example No8, No18, No28 (numbers within 100). 


Vote Time: Time: Oct,28th - Nov,10th
*Any vote exceeding the above limits will not be deemed valid.
*U·Nice will announce the winner lists within 2 working days after this activity ended)

Beauty pageants have always been events that have enamored and captivated the minds of people. Such events are commonplace with competitions being held not only in cities but also at the state level, national level as well as international beauty pageants occurring annually in almost every country in the world.

Share Your Look, Get the Big Coupon and Free Hair Now!!! 

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