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How To Do A Sew In With Leave Out?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Lace wigs certainly are a hit currently, but I guess some of you might get bored with the lace thing and miss the old and classic sew-in hair. Why miss the sew-in? With proper ways to install, sew-in can be more versatile than lace wigs, and bundles are way cheaper than lace wigs. So it is also an alternative for someone who has a tight budget but desires a new hair look.

And today we share some expert's thoughts about how to do a sew-in with leave out.

Here we have stylist SlayedBy Jordan on his YouTube channel to finish a perfect sew-in with leave out for his model and nailed the UNice hair bundles.

How to sew in hair with leave out?

In this tutorial, Jordan bleached the hair and dyed the hair to match the hair color of the model. So we recommend the same here, you can choose for the hair color resembling your natural hair or colored hair if you want a natural look with leave out.

Leave Out

Since Jordan here was styling the model a middle part, so leaving enough hair to cover the tracks in case of showing the braiding tracks. And Jordan suggested you can leave the hair around the entire perimeter so that you can pull up the hair into a ponytail.


1. For the braiding hair, Jordan used a regular braiding pattern and the braiding hair on each cornrow for a looser hair texture.

2. After braiding the hair, use oil to ease the itchy feeling of your scalp.

3. Before sewing the bundles onto your hair, you can add a net to create a flatter and stronger foundation. And it's more convenient if you have thin hair.

Hair Net

4. Make sure the first sew the first track underneath the braid, it can help you create a ponytail hairstyle with less trouble. And double the tracks if you use, for example, 4 bundles to create a thick hair look.

Double The Track

5. Don't use heat too high onto your hair, or it will burn your hair and dull the hair color if you have color-processed hair.

6. After sewing the hair, you can use some freeze spray to calm down the hair. And you can deal with the leave out and cut some layers to blend the natural hair well with virgin hair bundles.


Check the full tutorials of sew in with leave out here:

Hair bundles used in this video (the hairstylist dyed the hair into red to match the hair color of the model)

UNice Hair Hair Products Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair 4 Bundles

Some tips for taking care of the weaves and natural hair

1. Take care of your natural hair and scalp

Make sure that you take good care of your natural hair and scalp, especially for someone who suffers from flakes, dry scalp. You can use oils and hair products to keep the hair moisturized. And you should use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair weave.

2. Choose the similar hair texture

The best way to blend the hair perfectly is to use hair bundles that are similar to your natural hair texture.

3. Hair clean and condition routine

Keep the hair clean in a care routine. And dry the hair completely after washing the hair, or you may have build-ups in your hair to generate mildew. For more tips about How To Wash Hair Weave, you can visit our UNice blog.

4. Use less heat on your hair weaves

Human hair bundles can be dyed and styled with heat, which is perfect for changing looks. But just like your natural hair, they can be harmed by the high temperature.

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