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How To Get Fluffy Hair? Here Are 8 Tips For You

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Like all things in the beauty world, having gorgeous fluffy hair is an art. Fluffy hair has a soft-touch feel and undeniable appeal. So how can we have fluffy and beautiful hair? If you want to learn how to make your hair more fluffy and voluminous, you can learn how to do it without any fancy supplies or ingredients. Read on to learn how to properly care for your hair for volume and more fluffy, and how to style your hair for maximum volume.


To get voluminous hair, you have to combine volume with a natural look, keeping in mind that voluminous hair has a lot of room to play and a beautiful finish. Whether you're a pro or a hairstylist, these tips below will help you make it happen. Why not give it a try?

1. Dry your hair upside down


Since voluminous hair is as important as its volume, one of the easiest things you can do to give your hair more vibrancy is to blow dry it upside down. This helps lift the roots off the scalp, which increases volume. Simply turn your hair upside down and dry it with a boar bristle brush to get the voluminous hair you want.

2. Use a hot roller

A great way to loosen beautiful hair is to use a hot roller. This method is a solid option for getting heat-free curls, but it can also add volume without relying on heat-styling tools. Not to mention, the hot roller is handy for preventing frizz. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, so hot rollers are also suitable for short hair. They also keep your hair from being frizzy instead of fluffy.


For voluminous, fluffy hair, you can choose a thinner hot roller and roll at least two layers with the roller for the best results. If you want more bouncy hair, try a larger hot roller. One of the quickest ways to get curls is to spray dry hair with a styling spray, then roll them into the hot roller of your choice.

3. Boost your hair roots


Root boosting products provide structure and support for fluffy hair and any lift you create near the roots. They also help your style last all day. However, you have to look for products designed for fine hair so they don't weigh down your hair.

It is recommended that you apply a root booster to your entire head, scalp, and damp hair, as these styling products, won't work once your hair is dry.

4. Tie your hair into a bun


Tying your hair into a bun is a great way to add volume. The only thing you'll need during this process is a rubber band, which is used to pull the hair into a high, loose bun. When your hair dries, it falls off the scalp, leaving your hair softer and more bouncy. You can also use an elastic headband made of fabric to add volume to your hair for a more fluffy look.

5. Layer your hair

Regular haircuts and trims are one of the most important things if you want healthy hair. When your hair can be layered and cut nicely, it makes it look softer and more fluffy. There are a few different ways to layer your hair.


You can layer your hair with a razor blade or feather razor, which will give it more volume. To make the hair thinner, you need to cut it in layers at precise angles with a special type of barbed scissors.


You can also "window" your hair. You can do this by cutting some fine hair into different lengths. The shorter strands hold up the longer strands, which makes the hair look more fluffy.

6. Try dry shampoo

Dirty hair can make you feel dirty and heavy on your head. To help you maintain that plump look and get rid of the above, you can keep some dry shampoo with you. It will help you keep your hair fluffy and clean. Dry shampoo refreshes your hair, absorbs oil from your hair, and volumizes it, giving your hair a natural, long-lasting look.


People with oily scalps (or oily hair, if you will) often lose their voluminous hair the next day or in just a few hours, as oil from the scalp begins to run down the strands. Instead of waiting for day 2 or day 3 to use dry shampoo, just apply dry shampoo to your scalp immediately after blow drying. In this way, the dry shampoo will act as a barrier to oil, preventing it from working and allowing your volumizing style to last longer.

7. Use a hair diffuser


One of the easiest ways to volumize your hair is to use a hair diffuser. Hair Tools Diffuser is especially good for curly hair as it gently blow-dries and volume to create bouncy and healthy curls. It works by helping you dry and fluffs your hair while speeding up the drying process. Plus, it helps you minimize heat usage and damage.

8. Choose the right hair products


To keep your hair fluffy, you need to make sure you're using the right styling products. When you want the natural texture and appearance of your hair to take center stage, use products that will volume and volume your hair.

If you have curly hair, using a light mousse can improve and shape your hair, making the curls smooth and bouncy. Not only do they absorb better, but they also allow you to slightly shape the curls before the product dries.


Learn to take it slow. Even the application of hair care products is also a must to ensure your curls have a consistent voluminous pattern. Don't overuse your styling products. Too much product can weigh down your hair and give it a greasy feel. Follow the directions on the product label carefully and only add more product to your hair if necessary to avoid making your hair greasy.


Plus, everyone's hair reacts differently to products. You may find that certain product combinations work better for your hair than others. So, don't be afraid to try.



Here it is—how to get fluffy hair. Depending on your hair length, getting soft hair and volume can be a bit challenging. The above tips will guide you in getting more volume and fluffy without damaging or tarnishing your hair. If you find this article helpful, please forward it to the people around you! If you are interested in this topic or have any questions, we warmly welcome you to leave a comment below the article!

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