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Several Recognizant Mistakes Of Hair Extensions Care

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Hair weave has become a symbol of fashion and beauty, more and more woman try to use the hair weave to show their beauty.just as cloth.Most woman may know quite acknowledge of how to care for the hair extensions, not only can they make you charming, but also prolong the use life of the virgin human weave.While the cognition you know of caring for hair is all right?No no no,there are several reognizant mistakes of hair extensions care you must not know and you may always do that . Fortunately, I will share with you today, hope you can enjoy it.

Misunderstanding one: wash the hair when receive the hair weave

Most woman always wash and blow-dry the hair extension when they receive the hair extensions at the first time, In fact, this is unnecessary.Of course ,you can wash them as you would with your own shampoo and conditioner. The extensions can be blow-dried on low setting, but it is not recommended to do it too often.

As for the quality human hair,such as UNice hair,no matter Indian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair and others,the hair has gone through the test of National Hair products and Hair Care Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,and been proved to 100% Virgin Human Hair without chemical,so you can install it without washing,it can’t be bad for your skin.Besides,if you can’t care for it greatly,the style maybe destroy after washing.

Misunderstanding two: wash too often or seldom

Human hair no matter malaysian hair curly or indian remy straight hair , it is not recommended to wash it too often. Generally Clean up it every one to two months, because the hair is not attached to your scalp,it does not receive the protection or moisturizing effects of the natural oils.Of course it should judge it on the basis of the frequency you wear.

Washing hair too often would be bad for its curl, especially for Peruvian curly wave,it will reduce the use life of the hair product as well as.On the other hand,wash seldom also not conducive for it,if you use some medicinal liquid on the hair to make style or gentle and agreeable,it will damage your hair once you clean untimely.What’s more,it can lead to hair shedding,tangle,even harm your skin.Because the weave is install on your head directly,it can touch your face.

Misunderstanding three: treat the hair just as your own,sweep hair use comb optional

You treat the human hair as your own is great,as for combing hair,there are many need to pay attention.

Comb out the hair from root to tip with a wide toothed toothed or a hair extension loop brush.if you choose to have the hair knot technique applied as well,you may work close to the scalp because of the extremely small sections of hair .However,work gently and work in small section to remove difficult snags near the scalp.Otherwise ,it would easily cause hair loss and lose the curl just as Indian curly weave.

Misunderstanding four: condition hair at home instead of salon

It’s harmful to dye ,perm and strengthen the hair.It will reduce the life of the hair.Although your hair is premium virgin hair, it can be dyed and restyled.But please be careful to control the temperature and caring your hair in a right way.If you want to dye the special and lighter color,please go to professional hairstylist or contact your seller customer service before you dye,they will tell you how to dye the hair better. You would better care for you hair weave at Salon instead of at home,they are more professional for their technology and equipments, the influence must be better than you. At the same time,if you do some wrong you would destroy your hair quickly.

Reminder: if you want to make your hair increase in life span and keep the shine, it is extraordinary necessary to care, you should pay more attention to the point especially for the woman who care their beauty more. If you have any questions, welcome to our virgin hair websites.Not only do we sell beauty hair products, but also are the messenger of beauty knowledge.

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