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The Best Valentine's Day Gifts From UNice Hair To Give In 2022: Up To $40 Off!

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Dear, happy Valentine's day!  Valentine's day—a day when you're supposed to celebrate yourself because you are your one true love. Recognizing that you are should be an essential part of this holiday. And why not give yourself some gifts you like to yourself. So you deserve to have a "treat yo' self" moment this V-Day. As the great Carrie Bradshaw once said, "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first."

Here, we rounded up 3 pretty gifts that will add a dash of good vibes to your life. Whether you snag one of these gifts or treat yourself to a little something else, take time to appreciate you this Valentine's Day.

1. UNice Sexy Curly Hair

The hottest women with curly hair are among the hottest celebrities in movies, television, and music.  Actresses like Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Julia Roberts more often than not sport curly and wavy looks and do so strikingly, curly Peruvian hair not only can make you elegant, generous, sexy but also adorable. Do you want to become the focus of the crowd? Choose UNice, we must give you a surprise.

Surprise Index:★★★★★

Suited Feature: oval face, long face

Curly hair

2. Elegant and SimpleLong Straight Hair

For women who are confident and have a beautiful forehead, long straight hair is a good choice. Do you want you to have a perfect "waterfall", the elegant long hair you can’t be missed? You can match your long Peruvian straight hair with colorful clothing, and elaborate dress-up, besides, cool Heavy bangs, walking in the fashion street, you will let him captivated. Believe me, straight human hair must make you show charming, noble, and generous.

Surprise Index:★★★★

Suited Feature: round, an oval face, triangle face, square face, etc

Straight hair

3. Graceful Body Wave Hair

When referring to body wave hair, we couldn't help but think of these words: beautiful, elegant, graceful, lovely, perfect, charming and make you full of feminine flavor. And we must say, it is simple for the Indian body wave to make you look effortlessly striking.No matter in the party or your company, you can use it to come up with something so beautiful that they can’t take these eyes off you.

Surprise Index:★★★★★★

Suited Feature: round, an oval face, triangle face, square face, etc

Body wave hair

About these 3 hairstyles, Do you have a favorite? Of course, no matter what kind of hairstyle do you like, you can choose one as a gift for yourself. Fashion and novelty hairstyles must make you more attractive.

To celebrate this important day, we set a big discount for Valentine's day: 

Time: From 26th January To 14th February;

1. $10 Off Over $ 129, Code: LOVING10; 

2. $20 Off Beyond 239, Code: LOVING20; 

3. $40 Off Above $ 329, Code: LOVING40; 

4. For these customers who have bought HD lace wigs or 13 by 4 lace front wigs, they can get a free scarf that has the UNice logo. 


 Visit UNice you can see the detail of our human hair weave products.

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