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Easy And Elegant Vintage Hairstyles For All Hair Length

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As is well known, similar to the classic hairstyles, the vintage hairstyles are always on-trend that are often paired with the most elegant evening gowns and expressive make-ups to come up with the classiest and most feminine looks. Since fashion is cyclic, so why not look into the past for some inspiration? Here we pull together many easy retro hairstyles for you.

Finger Waves

Finger waves are a hairstyle of setting hair into waves (curls) that was popular in the 1920s and early 1930s and again in the late 1990s in North America and Europe. For example, silver screen actresses Josephine Baker and Bette Davis are credited with the original popularity of finger waves. Of course, it is a popular retro hairstyle for black hair until now.

Finger waves were created by taking sections of wet hair and forming an “s” shape that is held in place with gel or special wave clips. Once the hair dried, the hair would fall into even waves that framed the entire head. You can use a Marcel iron to achieve a similar look quickly, but the heat of the iron will cause a little damage to your hair.

Otherwise, you also can purchase a deep wave wig to finish the finger waves. With wet hair, the curls will be getting more and more gorgeous and delicate.


Curly Bob


When it comes to vintage hairstyles for short hair, we have to say the curly bob is the best-known short haircut of the 1920s. And the popular actresses of the time such as Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore also use their bob haircuts to leave a deep impression on others. If you are tired of long and flowing hair, the curly bob may be a great option for you.

Braided Bun


The braided bun is a simple and fashionable hairstyle that can maintain your hair with a little effort for a few months. Besides, the braided bun can protect most of your hair from harsh environmental factors as a protective hairstyle for natural hair. There are many types of braids for you to choose from, such as french braids, fishtail braids, cornrows, and so on.

Loose Beach Curls


By the 1970s, long curls are all the rage, at the same time, the loose beach curls became a favorite style among young girls. Nowadays, the beach waves have already been a go-to celebrity hairstyle, for example, Beyonce, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, and so on. After all, they look great on virtually everyone, since the effortless look flatters all face shapes, hair types, and ages. Whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, you can use a flat iron or curling iron to complete this hairstyle.

If you are interested in it, you can look at this blog How To Get Beach Wave Hair At Home? to learn referred tutorial.

If you are a wig lover, nothing is better to pick up a loose wave lace front wig to get a similar look. The loose wave wig is made of 100% virgin human hair and can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need.


Victory Rolls


Victory rolls are popular from the 1940s to 1945, featured with voluminous curls that are either on top of the head or frame the face. And they even become a trend because of the combination of glamour and practicality. Once adopted, they will boost your style and give you a retro and chic look.

Short Bangs


As a trendy hairstyle in the 1950s, the short bangs were championed by Audrey Hepburn and even became her signature hairstyle. Certainly, you could pick up a pair of scissors to follow suit this vintage hairstyle with bangs and enjoy the awesome beauty.

1920s Old Hollywood Waves


There is no denying that the Hollywood waves are one of the most stunning vintage hairstyles for long hair. So rush to radiate red carpet luxury with your next wavy hairstyle.

Or you also can partner with a glossy body wave wig to recreate the wavy hairstyle to show the super-feminine bravura and add some extra charm to your personalized look.


Silk Accessories


Sometimes, a small accessory will most definitely create an eye-catching effect for a special occasion when you want to stand out from the crowd, but still look charming and elegant.



A bouffant is a type of hairstyle characterized by hair raised high on the head and usually covering the ears or hanging down on the sides. The effortless and messy vintage hairstyle updo always is one of the most sought after hairstyles. If you are looking for a classic vintage hairstyle, the bouffant is an excellent option for you.

Bumper Bangs


Bumper bangs were made famous by Bettie Page — the famous pin-up model and actress of the 1950s. They can keep your hair away from your face and promote your style. More importantly, it is a perfect retro hairstyle whether your hair is short or long. Or whether a fancy ponytail, flawless retro curls, or versatile vintage updo, the bumper bangs are suitable for you.

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