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Hair Color Trend Alert?! What Is A Raccoon Tail Hair?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

What Is A Raccoon Tail Hair?

racoon pic

Finding their hair color inspirations from animals with unique color patterns is not fresh, such as skunk stripe hair, and raccoon tail hair is a kind of hair color idea that is similar to a raccoon tail.

As one of the 2000s hairstyles, raccoon tail hair once was popularized in scene culture and applied by scene girls in the 2000s. The raccoon tail hair involves horizontal chunky highlights, and as the name implies, the hairstyle looks like the tail of a raccoon.

Rihanna In Raccoon Tail Hair

Rihanna did the raccoon tail hair look and she rocked it! Instead of using bright colors, RiRi showed up with a black and Burgandy mix. The look is less dramatic but remains the vibe of the latest two-tone hair and chunky highlights.

Though there is are a lot of mixed opinions about scene emo fashion and years passed by, the success of TikTok, Tumblr, and other social media help scene fashion gain popularity and become part of the e-girls and boys subculture.

Under the trend of two-toned hair colors, raccoon tail hair can be a great inspiration for people to dye their hair simply. If you are tired of the same hair color and vertical highlights, you can give raccoon stripe hair highlights a shot. And it has already been approved by Riri, this y2k style is taking a lead in the hair color trend.

If you want to try raccoon tail hair, you can start doing it with darker color highlights and blend well with your natural hair color or wigs' color.

How To Do Coon Tails Hair?

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