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Partial vs Full Balayage, a Detailed Guidance for You

Last updated Apr 26, 2024

Balayage is one of the steamiest hair dye looks of the last few years, giving hair a sun-kissed layered effect. More recently, there has been a new evolution in salon stores: partial balayage highlights. if you've accidentally missed out on this trend, read this amazing article. Today I'm going to help you figure out the difference between partial balayage and full balayage and provide you with some inspiring hair inspiration pics.

partial balayage on dark hair

What Is a Partial Balayage?

Well, first and foremost, balayage is a sun-kissed appearance achieved by adding a lightening product to portions of the hair. Usually, hair is balayaged from top to bottom. However, partial balayage is used on specific areas of the hair, such as the bottom half or the sides of the face. This hair coloring technique is appropriate for all hairstyles and facial shapes because it is intended to add style.

Difference Between Partial and Full Balayage

What is a partial balayage vs full balayage? As you can see, full balayage highlights increase the brightness of your entire hair, but partial balayage highlights are more subtle and typically just enhance highlights in specific regions of your hair. To assist you in distinguishing between the two, I've compared them in a variety of ways, so read on.

Partial and Full Balayage


This is the most immediate difference, full balayage offers top-to-bottom color accents with a more understated contrast of light and dark. Whereas partial balayage only bleaches the color on the bottom half of the hair or bangs, making the contrast between light and dark more pronounced.


Prices vary depending on the amount of bleach or hair color used and the technique used. Usually, full balayage is more expensive because it takes more time, effort, and cost. To put it simply, we can think of partial balayage as full balayage done in half.

Damage to Hair

If you are worried about serious damage to your hair after chemical treatment, then I would recommend you go for partial balayage placement, where the color is bleached only at the ends or partially, which will cause less damage to your hair.

Cost of Maintenance

As hair grows, it takes more time to maintain the perfection of full balayage. Whereas newborn hair has less impact on partial balayage, so it costs less to maintain.

It's hard for us to say which one is best or most suitable for you. Although there are differences between the two, the choice depends on your personal preference.

How Long Does a Partial Balayage Take?

The completion duration of a partial balayage is determined by factors such as hair length, thickness, and the stylist's skill. However, the typical time is approximately 80-150 minutes. I recommend speaking with your hairstylist before completing your look, as well as scheduling an appointment with your hairstylist ahead of time to estimate how long it will take.

How Much Does a Partial Perm Cost?

You can get partial balayage on dark hair. On average, the partial balayage price is usually between $100 and $250 or more.

Get Some Appealing Partial Balayage Inspirations

You can try partial balayage on any length of hair, straight or curly. Although most people style their long hair frequently, you can also try partial balayage short hair, which will seem natural when it is long. Here are some reference photos of partial highlights balayage that you can take directly to your hairdresser.

Partial Balayage Blonde Hair

Partial Balayage Blonde Hair

Partial Balayage on Black Hair

Partial Balayage on Black Hair

Partial Balayage Brown Hair

Partial Balayage Brown Hair

Partial Balayage Straight Hair

Partial Balayage Straight Hair

Caramel Partial Balayage

Caramel Partial Balayage

Partial Balayage Curly Hair

Partial Balayage Curly Hair

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