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Midi Flick Haircuts Jodie Comer’s Loved Hairstyle

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Medium-length, mid-length haircuts are now becoming very popular. From the neck length haircut to the pixie haircut, layered and softly styled hairstyles have become popular with celebrities and celebrities alike. midi flick haircuts feature a collarbone length and a relaxed vibe that celebrities like Jodie Comer and Selena Gomez love. The newest trend is the midi flick haircut, what it looks like, and how to create the perfect midi flick haircut.

1. Jodie Comer and her loved midi flick haircut

The final season of Killing Eve has ended, and it's not just the end of the series that has left a lasting impression on people, but also the superb acting of the two lead actors. In the show, Jodie Comer played a professional hit woman, while Sandra Oh played a detective office clerk. Jodie Comer as Vera Nell was called by many the most fashionable hit woman. The reason is that in the drama, Vera Nel's outfits are very eye-catching every time she appears.

Jodie Comer

And away from the screen, Jodie Comer's personal look is very suitable for her own style. This time, she brought back the midi flick haircut to the limelight. The length of the hair is right at the collarbone and the sides are spread out to the sides in a very casual way. It looks very soft and shapely

Jodie Comer

The hair is also soft and smooth, as seen in Jodie Comer's look, and it only needs to have bangs like curtain bangs, and the middle of the hair is slightly open to the sides.

Jodie Comer's look

In terms of face shape, Jodie has a diamond-shaped face when she is thin. This is the type of face that needs a more casual hairstyle to modify the face shape. The midi flick haircut is a perfect match for Jodie's face shape.

Jodie Comer's look

2. What is a midi flick haircut?

The midi flick haircut is a retro hairstyle that originated in the 1990s and is an updated version of the supermodel haircut. Visually, the midi flick haircut has a medium length, about below the neck and at the shoulder. The hair is slightly upturned, just enough to rest on your shoulders, and will convey a retro new fashion sense. midi flick haircut is perfect for fine hair, and it gives great life to this type of hair. With locks to support the hair, the midi flick haircut looks more stylish.

midi flick haircut

3. Why the midi flick haircut is so popular?

midi flick haircut

The 90's fashion revival is the most popular fashion element today. midi flick haircut is also the hairstyle that stands out from this fashion wave with its strong nostalgic vibe. Just because of the rise of many nostalgic vintage styles, various hair colors and hairstyles have become the place where people express their love for vintage styles. However, whether it is a hairstyle or hair color, it may be a little difficult to style alone without professional styling.

4. What type of hair is suitable for a midi flick haircut?

type of hair

There are many different classifications of hair, curly hair like 4C hair is definitely not suitable for making a midi flick haircut, but you can choose to wear a wig. If styled properly, a midi-flick haircut can look very cute and stylish. Those girls with medium and thick hair are especially suited to midi flick haircuts because thick hair can keep the shape of the hair. Hair that is too thin may require a perm or heat styling device to create the look. Although not completely impossible, designing a midi flick haircut for very fine hair can be very challenging. It can be modified slightly by cutting the hair shorter than medium length to keep it bouncy and flicky.

5. how to make a midi flick haircut?

●From the looks of it, the midi flick haircut just looks very loose and casual, as if you just woke up with your hair. Indeed, a midi flick haircut needs to create a deliberately lazy look.

●The best length for a midi flick haircut is between the top of the shoulders and the collarbone, with the hair on the sides looking softer and more contoured to the face.

●blow dry hair: Blow dry hair roughly to about 75% dryness. Divide into sections about 1.5 inches in diameter and use a round brush to curl each section to the root and let it sit for a few moments before removing it. This will help create bends and a slight flick at the ends as the hair is held in place.

●Heat styling: To create a curve on the sides of the hair, use a hot roller and remove it after both the hair and roller have cooled. Finish with a spray of hairspray.

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