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Malaysian Curly Hair Routine for UNice Hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Virgin Malaysian Hair is sleek , shiny and has an extremely luxurious feel.Malaysian hair can provide a perfect natural-looking and feel once installed.

Meanwhile,malaysian hair bundles is reported to have minimal shedding, but a normal amount of shedding for curly textures. Because of its virgin curly hair texture, this hair requires lots of moisture and maintenance. Each day you will need to activate the curls with a water/conditioner mix and condition it with a moisturizing conditioner often.

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As a TWU Alumna with a degree in Business Administration,Ashley Devonna posts hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, product reviews, vlogs, and lookbooks, and has a heart for inspiring and uplifting young women by promoting self love and personal development.

She've gotten a TON of requests for a curly hair routine! So this is her DRUGSTORE curly hair routine, CURLY HAIR ROUTINE - HOW TO DEFINE CURLY HAIR EXTENSIONS and what she does for her curly hair extensions in the summer since it needs extra moisture to combat the Texas heat! This is a quick, easy, and affordable curly hair routine, a How To Make Your Curly Hair Routine Last with *Low Frizz* Hope y'all enjoy and give it a try!

Curly Hair Routine for UNice Hair

With proper care and maintenance, virgin malaysian curly hair weave can last for years and multiple installs. How do you take care of malaysian hair weave properly?Tired of your dull, lifeless, damaged hair? Bring your locks back to life with these seven easy steps.

Personalized Shampoo

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Try just to wash the scalp and let the shampoo just run through your ends when you wash it out. It will clean the ends as you rinse. You should find a personalized shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type and condition.

Get a haircut

We can’t stress this enough: Regular haircuts are so important. Most people should trim their hair every four to six weeks; even eight weeks can be pushing it. Ask your stylist what's best for your type of hair, then stick to your trim regime. We all know that we need to get a hair cut to get rid of the dead and split ends. If you don’t get those cut off, your hair will continue to break up along the shaft. This might be the most important step.


Applying a deep conditioner is very important in bringing your hair bundles with closure back to life. Do not apply to roots because it can clog up the pores in your scalp and trap the natural oils that your hair needs. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and rinse with warm to cool water. Do not rinse with hot water because it will just dry out your hair even more.

Loosen up

Frequent tight ponytails put tension on the strands in the back and on top of your head, which can lead to breakage and cause flyaways. If you can't stand wearing your hair down, mix up the height of your pony, and only wrap your elastic a couple times.

Break up with heat

Using heat on your hair, especially frequently, causes damage and breakage — and can even melt your strands.When you get out of the shower, wrap your head in an absorbent towel, but don’t wring out your hair. Let the towel absorb the moisture. If you rub or twist your hair, it will break and become more damage.

Choose good quality hair

If your checking account's a little abundant, ask your stylist to choose the best hair weave for you.Just like UNice hair,it is 100% Unprocessed brazilian virgin human hair extension.Wefts hair extensions can be used by using different DIY or professional application methods such as clip in, tape in or wefts/weaving. Wefts/Weaving hair extensions can be used again and again with proper handling and are an inexpensive way to attain infinite styling promises.

Virgin Malaysian Hair is one of the most popular hair type in the market.100% virgin malaysian human hair weave is thick,soft,silky and lustrous in texture,no smell,no shedding and tangle free.Malaysian virgin hair weave in a variety of different textures including: straight, wavy and curly. You can choose different malaysian hair bundles types by own hobby to restyle your hair.

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UNice Mall only offers 100% virgin malaysian hair, so our hair weave is cut from a single donor and has never been processed, steamed, or chemically treated, so all cuticles are in the same direction. Our malaysian virgin hair is shedding free and tangling free, giving it a healthy shine and strength,and has a soft and smooth texture.Our malaysian hair weave blends well with any type of natural hair, it can be easy to curl and restyle as your desire.

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