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Make Your Hair Hold Its Style Longer

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Most woman all like styling hair, body wave in the spring ,long straight hair in summer,sexy curly in autumn and short hair in winter. Actually,it’s a quite difficult to keep the style for a longer period of time. It depending on what style you are no matter curly weave or straight hair and how often you style the hair, especially how do you care it. Luckily, there are a few tricks of the trade for making your hairstyle last longer, no matter which kind of look you’re going for. Below are the very necessary tips.

About Straightening

If you have mastered the art of straightening your hair with a blow dryer, you can use a flat paddle brush for easier results. Put the blow dryer to the brush once your hair is 70% of the way dry — otherwise, you’re simply damaging your hair by putting the heat so close to it when it’s so wet. Rough dry it most of the way, then style while you’re drying it the rest of the way.

Once you’re done straightening your hair (be it by blowing dry or using a flat iron), you can use a serum spray to seal in the style and keep it from frizzing. At night, sleeping with your hair wrapped in a silk scarf will help it to hold the straight style without waking up with a terrible case of bedhead. Otherwise,you can order this indian straight weave,let you beautiful immediately!

straight hair

About Curling

Use a curl cream or a mousse before you style your hair with a curling wand. Freshly cleaned hair is wilder and cannot hold style very well. Heat protecting sprays are also a must-have when using a curling wand or iron. Wait until it feels a little hold when you have wrapped hair around the tool and let it cool for about 10-20 seconds. When you are done with curling your hair, use the low, cool setting of your blow dryer to set the style with a final touch.Besides,curly hair need specific patience to maintain the curl,You can buy curly malaysian weave to avoid trouble.All the problem,pls give us, best customer exprerience is our core purpose.

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About Leaving Your Hair Natural

If you want your natural hair to behave properly, it is best to deep condition it a minimum of once a week. After shampooing, apply a conditioning mask all over your hair and leave on for about ten minutes and then rinsing out afterwards.

To keep your hair in its best state for as long as possible, keep your hands out of your hair, apply serum to the ends if they’re starting to dry out, and apply dry shampoo to the roots. Essentially, keeping your ends moisturized but helping your roots to not have any excess oil is the best way to make your hair stay in the best shape longest.We also sell natural indian hair,our virgin hair shop has an enormous variety of hair products, such as Full Lace wig, Lace front wigs, Machine weft, Hand tied wefts, and hair extensions in any style and color.

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You love your curly locks — whether they’re natural or salon-induced — but if you don’t care them rightly, they be a mess of frizz. So it’s requisite for you who look forward to style your hair to know how to protect.Only this,can you maintain your style longer! The more you love your hair, the more beautiful it will give you.

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