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How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

how to make thin hair thicker

Thinning hair can be devastating to self-esteem, especially for women. If you wake up one morning and find your locks aren’t as thick as they used to be, don’t give up hope. What you might not know is that there are actually plenty of tips and tricks to make your own hair look thicker, super-full, and bouncy.


Why Is My Hair Thinning?

Thinning hair can be a normal part of the aging process, or it may be due to other causes.

Age: Hair loss is natural as we age, hairs can randomly begin to shrink in both length and diameter. As a result, the hairs will shed and actual follicular units decrease in numbers.

Stress: A stressful event or time period can trigger hair loss. Stressful events can suspend the production of hair for a period of time, leading to thinning hair.

Diet: An unbalanced diet is a factor that affects thinning hair. Not getting all of the correct vitamins and minerals can lead to hair loss.

What Can I Do About It?

There are styling tricks and products that can plump and thicken the hair you're born with and the hair you're left with. Try these tips to make the most of the hair you have.

  • Use Volumizing Products.
  • The Blow Dry.
  • Roll It Up.
  • Add Layers.
  • Don’t Over-Brush.
  • Switch your part. 
  • Take Your Vitamins.
  • Do a Scalp Treatment.
  • Add on. 

Use Volumizing Products. Go for “volumizing” or “thickening” products. Big hair requires double the amount of volumizers. Opt for a more invigorating shampoo that will really get the follicles on your scalp to perk up.

The Blow Dry. To seriously defy gravity, flip your head upside down and tousle your hair while you blow-dry. If you're using an ionic blow dryer, turn off that setting — ions make your hair sleek but can also kill volume.

blow dry

Roll It Up After blow-drying hair, set front pieces in velcro rollers and clips for about 20 minutes to maintain high volume.

Add Layers. Give layers a try. Layering sections of hair create a texturized look that makes your hair appear thicker.

Add Layers

Don’t Over-Brush. Don’t brush your hair too often; this stimulates oils from the scalp, which will make your hair flat. If you must fix your hair with some sort of tool, opt for a wide-tooth comb.

Switch your part.  If you’ve always worn your hair parted on the left, try shifting it to the right or center. After years of lying in the same direction, a switch will help lift your hair away from your scalp.

Take Your Vitamins. Get to the root of the problem: insufficient nutrients can be an underlying cause of thinning hair. “Most women know the importance of fish oil and biotin in their diets.

Do a Scalp Treatment.

Do a Scalp Treatment. Hair scalp treatments are an awesome treat loaded with benefits for the hair. There are loads of benefits to applying them as part of your hair. Imparts shine to the hair, help prevent breakage, and so on.

Add on.  Hair weaves, extensions, pieces, wigs, and toupees will give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. And many look better and fit more securely than the ones you might have seen in the past. These devices are made of human hair, synthetic fiber, or a mix of both.

4 Hairstyles for Thin Hair That Give Major Volume

Angled Lob. A slightly angled lob that grazes the shoulder will add body and shape to your thin hair. Add side-swept bangs and feathery layers like Emma Stone, and you’re gold.

Angled Lob

Long, Light Layers. You can simply ask your hairstylist to add a bit of texture on the ends. Think light, slightly feathered layers that don’t weigh your strands down.

Long, Light Layers.

Deep Side Part. Give yourself a deep side part like Olivia Munn's .it's the easiest and fastest way to create dramatic oomph.

Deep Side Part.

Short Layered Bob Haircut. What’s better than a bob? A ruffled bob, obviously. Light layers and feathered ends, as well as a slight asymmetrical angle, make this shortcut an easy one to tousle and volumize.

Short Layered Bob Haircut.

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