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Maintain of peruvian curly hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Maintaining your newly bought peruvian virgin hair extensions can sometimes cause unnecessary stress and fear. Don’t worry….. There are some really simple steps that you can take to ensure that your virgin hair extensions are well maintained and taken care of so that you can look your best and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

virgin hair

To keep your virgin peruvian curly hair soft, healthy and lasting long, one of the most important steps is to moisturize your hair properly. Here are some of the steps that I recommend when moisturizing and caring for your hair.

Daily Care

First, you need to pay attention to the moisture routine and keep it as a habit. Shampoo and hair conditioner are vital to moisturize your hair. Choose shampoo that won’t strip the hair and conditioner that is super-moisturizing and keep the hair smooth. You can also try to combine different conditioner together like deep conditioner and damage therapy. Always add moisture no matter what kind of product you’re using, like moisture spray and hail oil. 

Deep Condition 

To keep you hair in tip- top shape, use a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment in your hair twice a month. More or less, depending on the hair's need. This is very important if you have colored the hair or use hair straighteners

Sleeping/Nightly Care

And remember not only do this routine in the morning but also at night. Sleep on silk or satin pillowcase and keep virgin peruvian curly hair tied in ponytails, buns or braids can help to maintain hair curly. You can also use some rinse-free moisturizer during night to keep hair healthy. If you keep applying this method, you’ll find it easy to style hair in the morning after getting up. Just use water and styling cream or hair gel can give you a perfect hairstyle. Also, not to use brush, since it will break the natural curl so comb is the best choice.

To blend or to sew, that is the question…

Understand that you are purchasing hair that is of a lesser quality. That’s not particularly a bad thing. But attempting to blend your hair with synthetic hair can go all types of wrong. You may be able to get away with certain brands of human hair, but check the luster of the hair and meter if you want to really go through the daily pains of blending your hair. Full weave is usually the way to go. Just add an invisible part for a bit more dimension, and enjoy a fly style that fits within your price range.


When curls began to look frizzy or dry spray with just water to calm down the hair.  For hair that is more frizzy or beginning to mat, the use of a good quality leave-in conditioner may be required.  A wet-and-wavy spray can be used in place of a leave-in conditioner, depending on the condition of the hair.

After applying the water and/or conditioner, gently finger comb and style as desired.

If the hair begins to lose its shine or look dull, use a light polishing mist.

Remember that healthy hair bundles with closure is always in style and popular so maintain the elasticity of hair to keep it healthy and raise confidence of yourself. Don’t chase and concern too much about whether you should have curly or straight hair but try your best to care for your hair to make it smooth and tangle-free, which will give hair a perfect look among all the people.

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