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Is There Any Wig For People Who Seeking Scalp Health?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

"In the past year, 80 percent of the women who have come into my clinic have been wearing wigs," says hair care specialist Tupanjo. Is there any wig for people who seeking scalp health? We certainly can not blame everything on the wig, the real cause of hair loss is actually related to your wig-wearing habits, and more importantly, you may have chosen the wrong wig. So, is there any wig that is good for scalp health?

1. What affects the health of the scalp?

Not as long as wearing a wig will damage the scalp and lead to hair loss, and you see now so many women wearing wigs but a considerable number of women maintain a very healthy scalp state, take a closer look at the following reasons for these harm scalp you have!

1.1 wig cap is not breathable enough

An unbreathable wig on the hair to bring damage can be said to be fatal, mainly for the following three reasons.

Breeding fungus. In not enough breathable wig caps, the sweat glands on your scalp will release sweat. The sweat will mix with the bacteria that already exist in the scalp and hair and lead to the formation of fungus, and the lactic acid in the sweat will mix with the keratin in the hair and cause damage to the hair. And non-breathable wig cap to a certain degree to prevent the sweat glands play an important role in releasing toxins through the scalp, in the long run, causing irreversible damage.

Stinky smell of hair. The damage to the scalp of non-breathable wigs is far more than that, in addition to breeding bacteria, they also give off an unpleasant smell of sweat. Many women also wonder why the wig is worn at night and somehow becomes very smelly, when the sweat can not be fully released and diluted, a long time stays in the wig cap, will give off a bad smell.

Itchy scalp. Observe carefully people may also notice, why women are not to pat their heads, because of fun? By no means, it is because the scalp sweat, usually makes the air that stays inside the wig cap become thinner, plus the breeding of bacteria becomes itchy.

1.2 Use of glue

Often used with lace wigs is glue as well as double-sided tape. You need to be aware that the glue and tape bring permanent damage to the scalp.

Damage to the scalp. The glue will clog the pores of your scalp and it is difficult to clean the glue with normal makeup remover products, it will always be left in your pores. In the long run, it will damage your hair follicles. Worse still, the glue will burn your hair and the weight of the wig will pull on your scalp, leading to a receding hairline and hair loss.

Causes allergies. Hair bonding glues have highly soluble latex antigens that can cause allergic reactions. For those who have very sensitive skin, the surface of the scalp can become itchy and irritated from the glue, causing scalp irritation.

2. Is there any wig benefit to scalp health?

While the original reason for wearing wigs was of course aesthetic reasons so that women could change their appearance as they wished, dark-skinned women have embraced wigs as an alternative to their hair, and black women have embraced wigs as an alternative to the time-consuming and sometimes painful experience of straightening their natural hair. To build on this need, Unice has done a lot to enhance the health of wearing wigs and has launched the air wig, tailored for those seeking scalp health, to see what innovations the air wig has made.

2.1 Healthier and more comfortable wig cap

● To cope with the breathable wig to the scalp brought about by the damage, air wig using a 3D dome cap, the entire wig cap has a strip of elastic. The hollow design is enough to let your scalp breathe freely and solve the bacteria and fungus that grow because of the stuffy scalp, so it won't have an effect on your scalp's health.

● And for sweat accumulation in the wig cap, the air is thin and emits a burst of sweat odor, the mesh hair cap allows your native hair to directly contact the flowing air, diluting the sweat odor hidden in the wig cap.

● Does your scalp still itch? Do you still need to keep patting your head to relieve itching? No more. 3D dome cap allows your fingers to reach into the cap anytime and anywhere to adjust the position of the wig and individual areas, since it will no longer be stuffy, there will be no itching problem. Even if you are a person whose scalp is prone to itching, your hands can always be placed inside the wig cap.

2.2 Adjustable elastic band to get rid of the trouble caused by glue

● Lace can give the wig wearer a natural hairline look, which requires glue to achieve. And in order to hold the wig cap, many times it also needs to use double-sided tape. air wig allows you to eliminate the need for glue and double-sided tape, but also has a natural hairline and a strong cap.

●Pre-cut lace eliminates the need to cut lace for you, and lace no longer needs to be glued to the scalp. With an air wig, you are free from glue, and you don't have to worry about the burning sensation and clogged pores caused by glue.

●Adjustable elastic straps to accommodate all sizes of head circumference. Based on the previous straps, the air wig has optimized the width of the straps through continuous optimization and improvement, which can be fixed in any size of hair.

2.3 Refine the process

In addition to the comfort and health of the skeleton hair cap and strong wig cap structure these advantages, the air wig also made improvements in the process. Take 100% virgin hair, reduce the amount of hair loss, human hair wig texture soft more able to let the wearer experience a comfortable feeling. And the rich variety of colors is also worth choosing, the style color is very rich, and can bring you a variety of styling experiences.

3. Conclusion

Buy Now Pay Later

Faced with the problem of wigs affecting scalp health that has plagued women for many years, Unice stands out, in the continuous accumulation of precipitation, the customer needs the product, to bring healthy, beautiful wigs for each customer who trusts Unice. For the pursuit of scalp health, air wig is your best wig choice!

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