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Is It Safe To Dye My Hair While Pregnant?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Many women dye and perm their hair as a first step to changing their look, but once you find out you're pregnant, the seemingly normal and ordinary coloring of your hair can make you tremble and even worry. It is true that dyeing your hair can make you feel happy to see a change in your appearance, but the harmful chemicals involved should not be underestimated, so we have done research and studies on whether you can dye your hair during pregnancy. Here's a look at whether it's really safe to dye your hair during pregnancy.

dye your hair during pregnancy

1. What chemicals are in hair dyes

The first thing you need to know is what chemicals are in the hair dye and whether they are harmful to your body in order to find out if you can dye your hair during pregnancy. Although the number of people who dye their hair during pregnancy is still a minority the data presented is also relatively limited dyes do contain chemicals, but the content of these chemicals is relatively small. The main chemicals contained are

chemicals are in hair dyes

Paraphenylenediamine: This is a chemical that may cause toxicity to the liver and may cause birth defects in babies when pregnant women use products containing this chemical and some skin irritation to the mother.

Ammonia: ammonia can produce a strong sense of irritation to the human respiratory tract, if a large amount of exposure to ammonia or inhaling too much ammonia, may lead to hormonal imbalance, sex hormone disorders, etc.

Toluene: products containing toluene you need to pay extra attention to, this is neurotoxic, mild symptoms may produce allergic reactions, more serious symptoms may lead to pregnancy termination and newborn birth defects, etc.

chemicals are in hair dyes

Coal tar: Coal tar is a chemical with carcinogenic properties, if accidentally got into the eyes may lead to eye irritation or injury.

Resorcinol: Resorcinol is also a neurotoxin that can lead to hormonal imbalance and disruption of sex hormone production.

Fragrances: Fragrances are also composed of a variety of chemical components, excessive inhalation by the body may produce nausea and other conditions.

In addition to these chemical components, hair dyes also contain some peroxide and other chemical components. Of course, not every hair dye contains the above-mentioned chemical ingredients, there are some natural hair dyes that have undergone strict heavy metal testing and can be chosen and used with confidence.

chemicals are in hair dyes

2. Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?

In fact, everything is not as scary as you think, although the data on hair dyeing during pregnancy is relatively small, you need to know that your skin is a naturally strong barrier, in fact, many chemical ingredients are difficult to really enter your skin, but also difficult to be absorbed by the body. You can dye your hair during pregnancy, but you need to pay attention to some important things.

dye my hair during pregnancy

3. What do I need to pay attention to when dyeing my hair during pregnancy?

3.1 Be careful with skin diseases

skin diseases

If you suffer from an allergic skin disease yourself, then you should consult your doctor before you choose to dye your hair. If a person with a skin condition uses hair dye, it may cause localized allergies and reduce the skin's ability to protect itself. In the area where the hair dye is applied, it may cause skin irritation or allergy.

3.2 No coloring in the first trimester

No coloring in the first trimester

The first trimester is the more dangerous period of pregnancy, during which you will experience strong pregnancy reactions, and it is also a period of rapid fetal development. The major organs of the fetus are gradually forming, and the brain and spinal cord are growing rapidly. To be cautious, you are still advised not to dye your hair in the first trimester, and for safety reasons, do not dye your hair in the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy.

3.3 Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with the dye

Wear gloves

The sensitivity of your skin increases during pregnancy, and even those who are not pregnant should be careful to avoid direct contact between the dye and your skin when dyeing your hair. Not only will it stain your hands, but it will also cause an irritating reaction to your skin. Especially during pregnancy, you should try to keep the hair dye as little as possible. You can choose to have your hairdresser color your hair, or make sure to wear gloves if you want to color it yourself.

3.4 No hair coloring while breastfeeding

No hair coloring while breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding, you need to be aware of the substances that enter your body. Substances such as alcohol and certain prescription drugs may end up in your breast milk. If you plan to breastfeed your baby, tell your doctor about any medications you take. Fortunately, if you use hair dye as directed, the dye will not pass into your breast milk. Keep your baby out of your room while you are dyeing and ventilate the room well.

4. Safety instructions

Safety instructions

You can dye your hair during pregnancy, but there are a few things you need to pay extra attention to, after all, safety is still the first priority.

*Read the ingredients list of the hair dye carefully and check the label of the hair dye to see if it has harmful chemical ingredients. If it has harmful ingredients, you still need to stop using it.

*Wear gloves and apply Vaseline or olive oil to your skin before you dye your hair to create a barrier for your skin to prevent damage.

*Keep the room ventilated to get rid of the smell of hair dye stored on your hair as soon as possible.

* Choose a soft color, or choose a color that does not require bleaching. In fact, you can also choose to buy a wig to satisfy your desire for new hair color, so that you do not take the risk of absorbing chemicals and can make your body and mind more pleasant.

5. In conclusion

You can dye your hair during pregnancy but for safety reasons, choose a hair dye with safe ingredients and consult your obstetrician. The best way is to choose a wig that you like in terms of color and texture, and a 100% human hair wig will have better quality and last longer.

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