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UNice Independence Day Sale 2023: Up To 46% Off

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Many women celebrate Independence Day with a new black weave style. Let's celebrate Independence Day at UNice with our Biggest Hair Sale of the Summer! 

UNice Independence Day Sale 2023

Time: 2023.7.3-2023.7.9

$40 Off Over $309

$20 Off Over $199

$10 Off Over $119

Code: Freedom



Stumped on what hairstyle to wear this July 4th? We've prepared some amazing examples of hair to celebrate Independence Day. Follow me. 

New arrival

Introducing our exciting new wig product category, where fashion meets versatility! Our collection of fashionable wigs is designed to transform your look effortlessly and allow you to express your unique style. Whether you want to experiment with different hairstyles, add volume and length, or simply change your look for a special occasion, our wigs are the perfect solution.

Wear go wig

Welcome to our Wear & Go Wig category, where convenience meets style! These innovative wigs are designed for those who are always on the move and need a quick and hassle-free solution for fabulous hair. With our Wear & Go Wigs, you can effortlessly achieve a stunning look in no time.

Flawless lace frontal wigs

Flawless lace front wigs are a combination of beauty and perfection. These exquisite wigs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, providing a natural and seamless hairline that is virtually indistinguishable. With our flawless lace front wigs, you can achieve a flawless and glamorous look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Body wave

Body wave

What a beautiful hairstyle. Body wave extensions are a popular choice because of their lustrous shine and manageability.

The body wave is so gorgeous that makes her amazing.

You can also use a body wave hairstyle to celebrate your 2022 independence day. It will be an unforgettable day.

 Curly hair

Curly hair

This Curly hair looks Big, Bold, and Beautiful. Curly hair is so sexy and cute,you can change your self like the module in the picture,just buy UNice curly hair weave,such as Brazilian curly weave or Malaysian curly hair bundles. 

Straight hair extensions

Straight hair extensions

If you are wearing wavy extensions and decide that you want straight hair for a sharper look instead, that is not a problem. It is recommended that you let it air dry as blow drying may cause unwanted volume or uneven texture.

If you want to like this, you can try this hairstyle by UNice straight hair. 

Natural wave 

Natural wave

One of the best benefits of Natural wave is that it is so versatile! You can wear your hair in so many different styles and it looks great in a beanie or flowing over your favorite fall scarf. It is so low maintenance. Click to get more natural wave hair products at a wholesale price. 



A braided hairstyle is also suitable to celebrate independence day. When you're having a "bad hair day," braid away from your frustrations into an elegant halo wraparound.

Besides, you can make a unique hairstyle with accessories. Just like the hairstyle in the picture. 

hairstyle with accessarys

To find the perfect fit, you might want to compare the various options in terms of hair texture and color. Count on suppliers such as UNice Hair Company for the best hair bundle deals that allow you to achieve the look you want.

Want more different hairstyles? You can get more charming hairstyles if your want, no matter loose wave hair or bob wig, UNice Mall can help you create a new look all your own, and transform your entire appearance with natural-looking, affordable human hair weave bundles, and extensions. 

Shop America Independence Day exclusive deals on UNice hair weaves, lace frontal, lace closure and hair bundles, hair extensions, and human hair wigs at the best price. 

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