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How To Wash Your Hair Weave?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Using a hair weave is a common way for people who suffer from hair loss and thinning hair, due to aging, medical effect, or some diseases and treatments that affect hair growth.The most popular types of hair weave are made of human hair or synthetic materials, refreshing your looks and styles with fabulous hair bundles sounds like a moment that needs a cake to celebrate, but keeping that hair neat and clean is not a piece of cake.

There are many voices about whether to wash a sew in hair weave or how often wash our hair weave.

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Is Washing Hair Weave Necessary?

How Often Should I Give My Hair Weave A Cleaning Routine?

Our scalp can produce oil, and dead skin cells that we call dandruff flakes. These scalp buildups can encourage the symptoms such as itchy skin, and hair loss caused by buildup clogs. The washing routine depends on the condition of your hair weave and how much time do you have to spend it on wash weaves.

We suggest that washing your hair weave fortnightly will suffice. Washing hair weave requires patience and skills and may damage the hair weave with excessive cleaning, so washing hair weave too much in a short time is not always a good idea. But if you feel like it's time to clean your hair, and your scalp starts to get itchy, you can go to the hair salon to check your weaves and natural hair.

So beloved as being natural and versatile, hair weaves especially for human hair materials, are deserved your investment and care. One of the maintenance regimes is to wash your sew in weave properly.

There are some tips on how to wash hair weave properly:

Wash Routine

Here we have Beauty Influencer Ashley Devonna share her Wash Day Routine

How does Ashley Devonna Wash Her Hair?

1. Drench the hair in water and run the brush through the hair after applying the shampoo, parting the hair into two sections. Then take additional shampoo to take care of the edges and the back of the head. And don't forget to massage the scalp and the closure, you can gently use nails(her nails are long acrylic nails) to run through the braiding pattern and closure.

2. And apply conditioner to your hair. Have the conditioner on your hair for minutes, then wash the conditioner out of the hair to make sure all the product is out. And she uses a long-sleeve shirt to tie up her hair and extensions.

Here is an advice, choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely. You need to have some volumizing shampoo if you have thinning or plan to have a thicker hair look. And opt for shampoos and conditioners that aim at moisturizing hair if you suffer from dry hair, especially in fall and winter.

Avoid shampoo that contains sulfates. Some sulfates can wash the natural oil out of your hair. But for colored hair, such as highlight bundles. The hair color will become less vibrant after washing with a sulfate shampoo.

3. Use the hooded dryer for 45 minutes, dry the braids underneath the sew-in weaves.

4. Use essentials peppermint and aloe tonic, tonic does not make the hair greasy and leave you feeling way down. The peppermint can give you a clean feeling and the aloe is for soothing the scalp. And nourish the weaves and scalp while massaging the closure.

5. Dry the hair and make sure the hair is 100% dry with a hairdryer.

The hair weaves that Ashley Devonna uses in the video are bought from the UNice hair store. And you can choose the different ways to wash your virgin hair according to the different hair textures.

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The Benefits Of Washing Your Hair Weaves Properly

1. Extend the lifespan of your hair extensions, especially helpful for human hair weaves.

2. Keep your hair stay in style and color.

3. Stay away from smell and sweat, the unbearable reek smell and sticky feeling are nasty.

4. Good for the health of your natural hair and scalp.

If you have any questions about taking care of your hair under the weaves, you can check out our previous blog:

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