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How To Turn Brassy Hair Into Sassy Hair?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When you decide to dye your hair blonde, your joy turns to frustration when you find out a few weeks later that your hair has gone from lustrous blonde to brassy hair. In this article, you will learn how to turn brassy hair into sassy hair and provide some tips to prevent brassy hair.

1. What does brassy hair look like?

brassy hair

Bad brassy hair is common for people who color their hair from brown and black to blonde and platinum, and brassy hair is likely to occur when hair needs to be bleached and lightened because when orange and red tones appear in bundles the hair becomes discolored and unwanted warm tones appear in the hair. brassy hair is hair that has too many warm tones at the roots. Although it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between warm hair and brassy hair, it is easy to tell when you look at the roots of the hair, as warm blondes have cooler roots and those in the middle have warmer colors.

2. What causes Hair to become brassy?

brassy hair treatment

To understand why there is brassy hair, we must understand one word: oxidation. In the bleaching process, the melanin in the hair is diluted, and the melanin is removed before the hair can be dyed with a new color. In addition to removing the existing color from your hair, the dye will deposit pigment in your hair and produce the color you want. Hair dye is made of three different pigment colors: red, blue, and yellow. The blue molecules usually fade faster, while the yellow and red will show through. These colors work together to create an orange hue.

3. How to avoid brassy hair?

Here are some very practical tips to prevent your hair from turning into brassy hair.

3.1 Choose the right hair color

Choose the right hair color

The most important thing is to choose the right hair dye. In addition to choosing the right color, you need to choose the right size of hair dye. Semi-permanent hair dye is very popular in the market nowadays because it is cheap and can also create various novel hair colors in a short period of time, and there are also permanent hair dyes that make the color last longer on the hair with better results. To avoid your hair from turning into an unsightly brassy color, it is best to choose a permanent hair dye. In terms of color, you can choose a cooler hair color. This will keep you away from the red and yellow tones that cause brass lines. The cooler effect of blonde hair will offset any brassiness before it takes over.

3.2 Purple Shampoo

Purple Shampoo

In color theory, yellow and purple are a pair of complementary colors that cancel each other out, so a purple shampoo will remove the yellow from your hair and will neutralize the brassiness, thus restoring it to its original color. When using a purple shampoo, experiment to find the balance for your hair, then dilute the purple shampoo with a normal cleansing shampoo for the first time and emulsify it in your palm to get the best results.

3.3 Avoid excessive heat

Avoid excessive heat

Heat is an important factor that affects your hair and the usual hot styling process can turn your hair into brassy hair. avoid UV rays as much as possible when you go out, take physical protection from the sun, and when styling or blow drying your hair, choose not to heat styling as much as possible or adjust the cold air to dry your hair.

3. 4 Wash your hair with cold water

Wash your hair with cold water

The temperature of the water also has a great impact on the hair, it is generally recommended to use cold water or warm water to wash your hair. Excessively hot water will cause the outer cuticle to be opened when rinsing the hair, and the color of the hair will fade very quickly. This breaks down the color deposits and you end up with a yellow-toned strand. To avoid this, rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water at the end of the shower to close the hair scales.

4. What does sassy hair look like?

sassy hair

sassy hair is designed and cut using modern techniques to create a bold and different look. sassy hair is the opposite of brassy hair, which has a more textured texture and a funkier-looking color. Many people are curious about how to turn from brassy hair to sassy hair, so here's how you can find out.

5. How to turn brassy hair into sassy hair?

*Cut excess hair: cutting off some excess hair can reduce the time needed for the whole process, and also trim off some of the hair that is affected by dryness and split ends

turn brassy hair into sassy hair

*Apply developer and fade: Mix developer and fade in the right proportions and apply to the hair. The more acidic nature of the developer will reduce the alkalinity of the hair, so you need to measure the dosage well before mixing to avoid too much or too little. Once you have applied a portion of your hair wrap it in tin foil to allow for better absorption.

Apply developer

*Brush on the dye: Mix the dye in a container, then brush the dye evenly on your hair, make sure it is applied evenly then wait for about 25 minutes, and finally wash the color from your hair.

Brush on the dye

* Spray with heat protection spray and style: Spray a layer of heat protection spray on your hair while it is still wet and then blow dry your hair. Use a hair straightener or curling iron to style your hair.

Spray with heat protection spray

6. Conclusion

Finding the best shampoo for your hair is essential to its overall health and appearance. Don't be afraid to try new products on your hair until you find one you're happy with.

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