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An Ultimate Guide To Trim And Cut Curly Hair At Home

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

For most of our curly people, it is common to cope with fairy knots and split ends, particularly if you frequently make hot styles or wear styles that require a lot of manipulation. That is why it is pivotal to trim and cut your curly hair every few months, which not only makes your curly hair look the most healthier, but also reduces entanglement and curls. But do you know how to trim and cut your curly hair? In this article, you can know all thing about how to trim and cut your curly hair.

1. How often should you trim your curly hair?


In light of your hair type and the frequency of dyeing and heat-styling it, how often you need to trim and cut curly hair will often be different. You only need to trim one every 10-12 weeks if you don't heat style your hair very often.

However, if you regularly use heating tools and often dye your hair, then your curly hair will need to be trimmed more frequently. And there is one important thing you need to have an eye on: for the sake of maintaining the shape of the curly hair, it should be cut no more than half an inch— beyond half an inch may cause your curls to bounce and make your overall shape look shorter than reality.

2. When should you trim and cut your curly hair?

Are you wondering when you should trim and cut your curly hair? Pay more attention to these signs below, which means you should trim your curly hair.

2.1 Fairy Knots


Because of the oval shape of the hair follicle, fairy knots incline to appear in curly hair, which promotes tangling with single strands as it twists, turns, and loops to create a curly pattern as the hair grows. This can cause hair to wrap around other strands, creating tangles and dreaded fairy knots. If you try to untie them with force, the process will give rise to damage to your hair. Therefore the best thing to do is to trim them.

2.2 Split Ends


Split ends are one of the most evident signs which indicate you should trim and cut your curly hair. There are a great number of factors that our hair to split ends, such as heat styling, chemical treatments, friction, climate, using the wrong hair products, and so on.

You must not underestimate split ends, they won't go away on their own. If you don't deal with them, split ends can produce thinner ends, and over time, it will result in hair loss. So you are advised to regularly trim them with the intention of avoiding hair loss.

2.3 Your Hair Shedding A Lot


Hair loss is normal, but excessive hair loss is not. We usually shed around 50-100 hairs a day. So, if you find that you're losing more hair than this, exceptionally at regular intervals, it's time to value your hair. Excessive hair loss may indicate that your hair isn't growing at its present length, which signifies you are due for a cut.

2.4 Thicker Hair Thins At The Ends


If your hair is long and thin at the ends, it's time to trim it to a noticeably thicker length. Rough brushing with the wrong tool can lead to thinning of the bottle. If you can see your shirt or skin through your hair, it's a good point of thinning at the bottle. Thicker roots and weaker twists at the ends may also mean it's time to trim your curly hair. Disposing of thinning hair will not only keep your hair healthier, but also your hair will look fuller.

2.5 Loss of Shape


Sometimes, your curly pattern will thrive on a certain length, resulting in a lot of curls. Once it exceeds this length, it flattens out and loses its shape. You should pay more attention to this situation, when it happens, which indicates you are due for a cut.

3. How To Trim And Cut Your Curly Hair At Home?

Would you like to trim and cut your curly hair at home and don’t know where to start, here are some steps to help you.

Step 1: Dry Your Hair Before You Start Trimming It


Despite the fact that a variety of people with curly hair trim their hair while it's still wet inasmuch as it's uncomplicated to trim, waiting until your curly hair is absolutely dry is the best approach. Some hair experts may even recommend trimming your curly hair 2-3 days after you last washed them, as that gives them enough time to settle and return to its natural state.

Step 2: Find Out The Way You Must Place The Hair


Gently wiggle your hair back and forth, a process that will allow your curls to place themselves in their natural shape. Then determine where and what length you want your hair to be trimmed. If your hair grows below the shoulders, you ought to part it down the middle and bring the sides to the front. Bring the sides in front of the shoulders just like you want to do the braids.

Step 3: Trimming Your Hair


Irrespective of your curl type and hair length, you need to conceive of your hair is on the clock, as this will help ensure everything is even.

Start by rolling a curl from the top of your head and placing it up, holding it between your middle and forefingers provided that the length allows, and make the most of the tip of the scissors to chop off the ends of the curl, but bear in mind that draw it forward before trimming. Then trim the remaining curls in the same way, and finally place your hands around the scalp, gently tug at the roots, open the hair, and observe the overall look.

4. Conclusion

Trimming regularly with your curly hair can contribute to maintaining hair health. If these methods exert a tremendous fascination on you, you can give them a shot. Take it easy if you cut your curly hair terribly, you can go to Salon to turn to a professional and skilled hairstyle to help.

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