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How To Tame Baby Hair Easily

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

There are many women struggling with unruly baby hair, especially when they wear the wigs they desire. You may be one of them. In this blog, we will provide some simple and effective ways to help you tame baby hair so that you can seamlessly wear your favorite wigs.

Now, baby hair has become one of the most popular hairstyles of 2021. After all, it looks very beautiful whether styled or not. Like Yara Shahidi and Beyoncé always offer some stunning baby hair looks for these years. What so impressed and sleek they are!With these ways, we believe you will achieve a similar look. Let us go to it.


As is well known, baby hair, also known as peach down or hair, is very small, thin, and has a light color. It is hardly noticeable and usually appears around the temple, forehead, above the ears, and on the nape of the neck. It is easy to create an irregular hairline. Sometimes it will ruin your hairstyle.

One of the biggest problems with baby hairs is that they are too short to clip up and too frizzy to let loose. Managing baby hair will be a challenge. Now carefully read these tips.

Six Effective Ways To Tame Baby Hair


Whether you need to style baby hair or comb it, the best way to tame baby hair at the hairline is to use a toothbrush, especially when you have a problem with styling your baby hair according to the way you want. That is because a big and bulky brush can’t provide the precision you need to deal with such small and thin baby hair.


And it is very easy to operate. First of all, you take small hair gel or dry shampoo to gently spray your baby hair. Then use your toothbrush to smooth them out. Of course, you also directly spray some products onto the toothbrush for the extra fix. At this time, hair gel can help you control your frizzy baby hair, while a toothbrush will ensure every strand of fine hair can be covered. We ensure once you have tried it, you will find nothing is better than a soft toothbrush.

In fact, except for the toothbrush, the pointy end of a rat tail comb, a mascara wand are your best bets as both of them can give you the precision you need to flatten each hair strand. Furthermore, some people even use a natural fiber paintbrush to tame fluffy baby hair.


Without a doubt, hairspray is a real lifesaver when you are anxious about how to tame baby hair flyaways. Besides, it is quick and convenient so it is the best solution to tame frizz baby hair on busy days. Just need to take a small amount of the product and apply it to your finger or toothbrush, then apply it to your baby hair, which can flatten slender baby hair flyaways onto your scalp and forehead. But in this process, you need to notice to not use too much hairspray, which can get uncomfortable and greasy under your lace front wigs.


And it is very important to use the right product for your hair type, too. For example, if you install a human hair wig, you had better check whether the ingredients of your hairspray are suitable for headband wigs or not, thus avoiding damage wig careless.

Hair Cream


For those people who want to tame curly baby hair around the face, hair cream is helpful to you more or less. Because hairspray and many styling gels would include alcohol that may dry out your hair and weaken the fragile baby hair. Therefore, you can apply some nourishing styling cream with your fingertips or gently apply it on a soft toothbrush to smooth the flow. Then continue to use the tip of a rat tail comb to comb hair in your preferred pattern or direction.

Spray It With Water

Although the easiest way to style your baby hair is to start with wet hair, it doesn’t mean you must use shampoo every time you want to style your baby hair. We all know washing hair too often will lead to dryness, thus causing damages and breakage.


So please take a mist bottle filled with plain water and spritz along your hairline evenly to dampen the strands, then use a soft bristle tooth to tame unruly baby hair in the natural direction near the hairline.

Clear Mascara

Another wise trick of tame wild baby hair quickly and easily is to use clear mascara. Compared to some ways, it is very affordable, easy, and portable. More importantly, it doesn’t require any special hair products or tools and is very friendly for beginners.


Moreover, the mascara wand is perfect for capturing every hair strand of baby hair, and the gelatin-like mascara formula is effective for taming wispy baby hair.

Use Blow Dryer As little As Possible

We don’t recommend using heat styling to tame baby fine hair in your daily life. Because it may damage your fine baby hair. Baby hair is usually a lot finer than your normal hair, and blow dry them with hot air for too long might actually fry them. But sometimes it is the most effective and convenient way to tame baby curly hair.


If it is necessary, please use the blow dryer at medium heat and full speed, turn the nozzle down and finish with a cool breeze to close off the cuticle and hold them in place.

We sincerely hope these tips are useful and can be helpful to you, especially for these people who want to let their human hair wigs look more natural and seamless. Please leave us a comment below or contact us if you try any of these tricks and let us know how you get on! If you have a better way about how to tame your baby hair, welcome to share it with us.

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