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How To Take Care Of Body Wave Sew In?

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As one of the most beloved hair textures in wigs and hair bundles, body wave hair surely offers a lot of women's diverse styles and looks.

Though body wave sew-in has its shine, without proper care, the hair can be dull and loses the waves. So after you get sew-ins, the care routine begins. And there are major two types of body wave sew in, human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair offers a more natural look and lasts longer, and it cost more compared to synthetic hair. So it needs time and energy for the sake of the investment and keeps the hair alive and shiny.

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Before we dive into talking about how to take care of the body wave hair, the first thing we need to do is to figure out what is body wave hair.

What Is A Body Wave Sew-In?

Body wave hair has sort of loose curls, it is a loose "S" shape like one's curve body, and a soft and is defined by very loose curly hair. And this type of hair is favored by its ability to get many styles and easy maintenance. So it's perfect for people to change their daily looks without spending too much time and energy. For more info about body wave hair, you can go check out the body wave hair guide.

Can Body Wave Sew In Getting Styled?

Body wave hair is loved for its diversity in styles and looks, so it is perfect for someone who prefers changing styles frequently. If you have body wave hair sew-in that is made of human hair, you surely can style the hair with heat and even dyed it if you don't like the original color of the hair, but it's best to keep the hair processed with less heat and chemicals. Because using heat can affect the waves and even lifespan of the hair bundles, and dying the hair is not only messy work but sometimes will dull the hair.

After styling your hair, you can add some tea tree oil in a leave-in conditioner, spray your body wave hair and massage your scalp for a full absorption from time to time for helping you stay away from the frizz and dryness of hair and scalp, especially in Autumn.

You can use foam wraps or mousse to bring back the life of your waves and fix the styles.

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Wash The Body Wave Sew In Properly

Make preparations:

Body Wave Hair Bundles


Wide-tooth comb



Wig Head (Optional)

1. Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb from the tip to the root. Then wet your bundles completely before applying shampoo, and try to make sure that every strand is fully washed with shampoo.

2. Then you can gently rub the weave hair from the bottom to the end to get a better cleaning result. Keep in mind that do not rub the hair randomly and roughly, it will cause tangles.

3. Make sure your hair is completely washed and rinsed out of shampoo. You also need to rub your hair from the bottom to the end to stay away from tangling.

4. Use the conditioner to keep the hair from dryness and healthy, and also rub the hair the same as washing the hair. And patiently wait about 10 minutes before rinsing out all the conditioner.

5. Then use the towel to dry the excess water off the hair gently. Apply leave-in conditioner all over the body wave sew in and gently comb the body wave hair with a wide-tooth brush. And you can scrunch the hair several times when the hair is drying to create natural waves.

How To Get The Waves Back In Body Wave Hair?

There are some simple ways for you to try without any professional products and skills. And of course, you can go to a salon asking for experts to transform your hair and get your hair bouncy again, but it probably will cost a fortune.

Here are some simple steps:

1. Put your hair on the foil to keep your table clean and have a better result. First, you can wet the hair, and then you can use some oil, like pure argan oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil mousse to keep the hair from dryness. But we suggest that it’s best not to use too much oil frequently unless you plan to do a deep conditioning treatment.

2. Then you can use a small tooth comb the sew in hair from the roots to detangle the hair and style the hair in an "S" shape that is similar to body wave hair.

3. In the last step, let your hair air-dry and wait patiently.

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