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How To Style Auburn Wig In Different Ways?2 Styles In 1 Video

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Naturally rich and luscious hair colors are rare, all orange-red shades are stunning, auburn wig can give you a luxurious warm hair color instantly. But how to style an auburn wig is indeed a question worth thinking about, but do not worry, we have prepared for you to style auburn wig tutorials, a video to learn two different styles, come to do it.

1. How to style auburn wig?

In the following tutorials, you will learn how to style auburn wig in one video, how to create a perfect hairline, how to design baby hair and more.

1.1 Auburn curly wig

Auburn curly wig

Step 1 clean your hair and put on the wig cap

clean your hair and put on the wig cap

Choose a wig cap with a lighter texture, weave your hair, and put on the wig cap while making sure your hair is clean. To make the wig scalp look more realistic, spray a layer of tinted spray on your wig cap to make the color closer to the color of your skin.

Step 2 Cut the lace edge

Cut the lace edge

Put the auburn wig on your head and adjust its position, using a brow scraper or scissors to cut off the excess. Take out a bottle of glue and apply it evenly on the wig cap, wait for the glue to dry, and then cover the lace with the glue. Use the same method to adjust the edges of the lace on both sides after dealing with the middle lace. After all the lace has been attached to the wig cap, use an eyebrow trimmer to cut off the edges of the lace. Afterward, apply some gel to your lace and dry the edges with a hair dryer.

Step 3 make baby hair

make baby hair

Use a comb with a thin handle to part the hair in the forehead of the auburn wig and use a hot comb to make this part of the hair straighter, don't forget to make a baby hair at the sideburns as well, it will look more beautiful. Twist this part of the hair, cut off a large part of it with scissors, curl the remaining part with a curling iron and use gel to make baby hair on the scalp.

Step 4 make curly auburn hair

make curly auburn hair

Starting with one side of the hair, divide the hair into about three sections and spray auburn wig with heat protection spray. Take out the heat styling tool to make the wig curly, leaving the tool on the hair for about a minute. After the hair is permed, you can take out the hot comb and re-treat the roots of the auburn curly wig to make it look a little more flattering.

1.2 Body wave auburn wig

Body wave auburn wig

Step 1 trim auburn wig

trim auburn wig

Different textures of curly hair need different ways of styling, body wave is also a very attractive kind of curly hair. First, the wig sides of the hair are slightly trimmed, so that your wig can be better combined with the face frame.

Step 2 hair perm curl

hair perm curl

Part your hair into half on top and half on the bottom, then you can start curling your hair. Curl your hair inwards towards your face, the way you curl it inwards can outline your face at the same time. Just wrap your hair around the curler in the direction you want it to go. After curling all your hair, use a clip to hold the auburn wig in place.

2. How to maintain auburn wig?

How to maintain auburn wig

The auburn wig is very colorful, but any colorful hair is prone to color loss. Improper care will only make the wig lose its original color, so you really need to take reasonable care of your hair.

2.1 Using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner can help maintain russet hair. Red hair fades faster because red dyes have the largest molecules, so it's hard to get them to adhere to the hair, so you need to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that are designed to keep the color in your hair longer.

2.2 Keeping your hair soothed while using a specially formulated conditioner to remove mineral build-up on your hair can also help restore color. And keep your auburn wig as dry and breakable as possible by staying away from heat styling devices in your daily life.

3. Where to buy a good quality auburn wig?

After reading the above, do you also have a strong interest in auburn wig, a fascinating hair color? Where to buy good quality and beautiful color auburn wigs? Let me recommend you a few of the hottest wigs, all from the professional human hair brand UNice, 100% human hair made to protect the quality of your wig.

3.1 Auburn lace front wig with pre-plucked baby hair

 Auburn lace front wig with pre-plucked baby hair

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This wig is the same wig we saw in the video in front of the celebrities wearing it! From the video you can see the quality of the wig, the wig made of human hair allows you to create any look you want. It will not become rough and will not break easily, the quality of UNice wigs is so trustworthy.

3.2 Auburn jerry curly wig

Auburn jerry curly wig

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The combination of jerry curly and auburn colors looks more interesting, not at all exaggerated, but very suitable for everyday life. jerry curly can also create a variety of looks for you, you can try half up and half down, which will make you look very cute, or you can just do a simple draping, which will make you look very attractive.

3.3 Mix color lace front wig

Mix color lace front wig

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This is a wig that combines a variety of colors, and its color intensity is like a delicious chocolate. Girls who like body wave texture, I highly recommend you try this wig, you wear it to find out how beautiful you are!

4. Conclusion

After introducing so many different types of styling for the auburn wig, I'm sure you're very excited about it too! Come and share your auburn wig look!

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