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How To Strip Your Hair Colors At Home

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As the saying goes, beauty is the nature of girls. From time to time, we will follow the fashion trends to dye a popular hair color, which can make us look more temperamental and more beautiful. But as the enthusiasm recedes, we may not like this color more and more and feel that it is not the color we were expecting. Therefore, we want to find some ways to strip the hair color by ourselves. In this article, we will tell you a lot of methods to safely strip your hair colors at home.

1. Strip Your Hair Color With The Vitamin C Method


As we all know, vitamin C is protect against a wide range of diseases, for example, high blood pressure, heart disease, and so on. But now there is an important thing you need to know: vitamin C can strip your hair color.

You firstly need to find some vitamin C tablets, about 10-15 tablets and crush them. And then you can mix them in some anti-dandruff shampoo or you can dissolve the powder in the water and make a paste. Thirdly, apply these pastes to wet hair, put on a shower cap or wrap your hair in a plastic bag, and set it for about 1 hour. Last but not least, rinse your hair and take care of your hair.

But you should remember: it does not work immediately after a single use, you need to do it a few times to see the result.

2. Strip Your Hair Color With Baking Soda


Baking soda is a natural and effective bleach that is used to remove stains. But it also can strip hair dye or lighten hair color. You can mix baking soda with an anti-dandruff shampoo and it will give you an unexpected effect. Because anti-dandruff shampoo contains an active ingredient selenium sulfide, which can also fade the hair color.

You first need to look for baking soda, and you must make sure it is not baking soda, as the baking powder doesn’t have the ability to fade. Then you can make a paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo. You thirdly need to put the pastes on your hair and leave it for a few minutes. Finally, you need to wash your hair and use some hair products to care for your hair.

3. Strip Your Hair Color With Lemon Juice


As is known to us, lemon juice has a variety of benefits. For example, example, beauty and skin care, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. But do you know that lemon juice can strip your hair color? Because lemon contains citric acid, which contributes to stripping hair colors.

You can apply some lemon juice to wet hair, cover it with a shower cap, and put it for 20-30 minutes, then wash it off with warm water, and finally, you need to use a deep conditioner on the strands.

4. Strip Your Hair Color With Vinegar


Do you know that vinegar has a lot of benefits for our hair? For instance, vinegar not only cleanses our scalp and hair but also helps close the cuticles and keep the hair healthy. But here is an important point for you to know: it also can strip your hair color for vinegar is slightly acidic.

If you are interested in this way, you firstly need to prepare some vinegar. And then create a mixture of equal quantities of vinegar and warm water, and soak the hair in the mixture. Thirdly, you need to use a shower cap to wrap your hair and wait 15-20 minutes. Finally, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it off.

5. Strip Your Hair Color With Honey


Honey is one of the best household bleaching agents. It can strip your hair color for it contains bleaching properties. Compared to other methods, honey does not produce as much irritation to the hair.

If you want to use this method to strip, you first need to prepare a small cup of honey and conditioner separately and mix them together. And secondly, apply them to your hair, and let them stay on your hair for about 30 minutes. Finally, you can wash and dry your hair. In addition, if you look forward to a better effect, you can add some cinnamon to the mixture.

6. Strip Your Hair Color With Massage Hot Oil


Massage hot oil is also one of the natural and effective ways for stripping your hair color. You can select almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil according to your demand.

If you want to try the methods, first of all, you need to heat the massage oil you choose, and apply it to your hair. And then wrap your hair in a dry towel and wait for about an hour. Last but not least, you should rinse your hair with warm water. This method not only helps strip the dye from your hair but also nourishes your hair.

7. Strip Your Hair Color With Soap Detergents


Soap detergents contain a large number of chemicals that can strip your hair color. Compared with other ways, it is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to strip your hair color at home. You only need to wash your hair with soap detergents instead of shampoo. But you need to remember that you should use some hair treatment oil to avoid dry hair.

8. Conclusion

There are a large number of ways to strip your hair color for you. You can try them if you are interested in the methods, but you must pay more attention to safety. And these methods are more or less harmful to your hair, so you must take good care of your hair by using some deep conditioners.

And you should remember that they will not work immediately, and if you want to see the results, you need to do them multiple times. And there are just suggestions for you. If you have the condition, you had better go to a salon store to look for a professional stylist to help your strip your hair color.

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