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Fragile, Damaged, Weak Hair How To Strengthen It?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Hair problems such as breakage, hair fall, and other problems stemming from weak hair are currently plaguing people all over the world. To have healthy, shiny, thick, and fluffy hair is not a very difficult thing to do.

1. What kind of hair is weak hair?

Weak hair is generally very soft, thinning, often splitting, and dry. When hair breaks multiple times, such as when combing hair that often breaks on the comb, this is a big sign of weak hair. In addition, split ends, lack of shine, and roughness caused by dry hair are also considered fragile hair. When you are combing your hair and you find that your hair is often tangled and very frizzy, you should also pay extra attention to the fact that your hair is very fragile.

weak hair

2. What are the causes of weak hair?

●Genetics: Hair fragility can also be inherited from your parents, and some people have a genetic predisposition to specific hair disorders. Among the most common types of genetic hair loss, male and female exogenetic alopecia is very common, usually due to the progressive shrinking of hair follicles


●Medications: Many medications taken while fighting the disease can cause hair to become brittle or even lose hair. Examples include anti-cancer drugs, thyroid medications, gout medications, and high blood pressure medications, to name a few.

●Diseases: If you don't have a disease, you won't take medication and it won't lead to brittle hair. Diseases can be very damaging to the hair, more significant diseases such as cancer can make all the hair fall out, and some basic diseases may also make the hair brittle. Such as folliculitis

●Endocrine: Our hormone levels directly affect the hair growth cycle. Hormonal imbalance can lead to thinning hair and prevent healthy hair growth. Changes during menopause, thyroid problems, and after pregnancy can cause hormonal fluctuations that weaken the hair shaft and disrupt the normal hair growth cycle.


●Over-styling: Tight hairstyles and frequent braids and extensions can put stress on the hair shaft and can lead to weakened hair. Strong chemicals contained in hair dyes, bleaches, and hair products can cause allergic contact dermatitis and adversely affect hair follicles.


3. How to strengthen weak hair?

3.1 Reduce the number of heat styling!

The heat generated by heat-styling instruments such as curlers, straighteners, and hair dryers can leave hair weak and broken. When you have just washed your hair and it is still in a wet state, drying it with a hair dryer can cause the water left in the cuticle to become swollen inside the hair, leaving space inside the cuticle to make it more fragile. When the hair becomes dry, the dry hair will draw moisture from the air thus becoming very frizzy and easily tangled. So, avoid combing your hair and using hair dryers while it is still wet, and avoid damaging your hair with excessive use of heat styling tools such as straighteners and curlers.

Reduce the number of heat styling

3.2 Choose the right products

Choose shampoos and hair care products for brittle and damaged hair that contain proteins and amino acids that will strengthen your hair. Look for deep conditioning treatments that contain strong ingredients and longer leave-in times. A well-moisturized scalp is key to strong hair. A dry scalp can lead to flaking, dandruff, and brittle, fragile hair. Keep giving your hair a deep conditioning treatment once a week, either a keratin treatment or a deep conditioning treatment using a hair mask. Keratin treatment involves applying a product that contains keratin and allowing it to sink into all hair strands. It helps to smooth the hair, remove frizz and give shine.

Choose the right products

3.3 Use fewer chemical products

Hair coloring, perming, bleaching, and straightening are all hairdressing items that require the use of chemical products to achieve their purpose. The frequent use of chemical products can cause hair to become brittle or even severely dry and frizzy. With frequent use or excessive doses, these chemicals can cause permanent damage, dry and curl fragile hair and lead to split ends and breakage. Of course, everyone has a love of beauty, and after you've already colored or permed your hair, you can choose to cycle your hair by doing a deep treatment once a week.

Use fewer chemical products

3.4 Change habits in your life

The hairstyle you usually wear regularly is also the key to weak hair. For example, overly tight ponytails or other ways of weaving hair can pull the hair very tight, putting stress on the scalp and causing damage to the hair at the same time. You can change your style every day to give your hair and scalp plenty of stress relief, and use metal-free hairspray and styling spray.

Also, keep an eye on your scalp health. For a dry scalp that feels tight or itchy, massage moisturizing oil into the scalp for five minutes before showering. Hair masks or deep treatments help to provide moisture to dry scalps and brittle hair.

Change small habits in your life

3.5 Healthy living and diet

Hair is made up of a structural protein called keratin, so you can get protein from food. Increase your protein intake by eating nutritious foods such as eggs, fish, and nuts. In addition to supplementing your protein, increase your vitamin intake. Vitamin C or collagen keeps the blood vessels in the scalp healthy by supporting the hair follicles. Supplement biotin by eating carrots and salmon, and promote hair growth by eating oats, rice, and cucumbers. Don't forget to drink plenty of water!

Healthy living and diet

4. Conclusion

To repair weak hair you need to do it from several aspects, hopefully, the above methods will help you to repair Fragile, damaged, weak hair and get healthy and beautiful hair.

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