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Five Effective Ways To Straighten Hair Without Heat

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Many people want straight, sleek, and healthy hair, but straightening your hair with hot tools will strip the moisture of your hair, even causing drying, coarse, and breakage. Luckily, there are several ways of straightening your hair without heat that isn’t damaging and can even make your hair stronger. Now keep reading to learn more knowledge on how to straighten curly hair without heat.

How To Straighten Natural Hair With Straightening Shampoo And Conditioner

Step 1 Use Straightening Shampoo And Conditioner

First of all, please use straightening shampoo and conditioner to wash and conditioner your hair, which can effectively straighten and smooth your natural hair without heat damage.

After all, These products are formulated to heavily moisturize and weigh down curls for straighter locks.

If you don’t already, use a professional shampoo and conditioner and try to avoid shampoo that contains harsh chemicals, such as sulfates and parabens as they can damage your hair.

Step 2 Use An Extra-absorbent Towel

Then take an extra-absorbent towel to absorb extra moisture from your hair. Instead of using any old towel, invest in an extra absorbent towel such as a microfiber towel that is designed to absorb moisture without causing frizz.

Of course, you can also use a t-shirt to gently dry your hair as an alternative.


1. It’s important to be gentle when towel drying your hair, as rubbing your hair together too roughly can cause frizziness.

2. Hold the extra-absorbent towel around the tips of your hair to absorb moisture and slowly work your way up to your hair, absorbing as you go. Then gently tousle your hair with the towel, making sure not to rub the ends of your hair together if you have long hair.


Step 3 Blow Dry With Cool Air And Brush

After you’ve let your hair air-dry about three-quarters of the way, divide your hair into sections as you normally would, and use the “cool” setting on your blow-dryer, making sure that your blow-dryer is moving continuously from root to tip. In the end, use a flat paddle brush to brush your hair.

That is because blow-drying your hair with hot air is not only damaging to your hair but also creates frizz and encourages curls.


1. Keep the blow-dryer about six inches away from your hair while you dry it.

2. Blow drying with cold air will take longer than drying with hot air. If you are in a hurry or are timing your morning, it may be very inconvenient. Of course, you can choose to let it air dry.

Step 4 Use A Smoothing Product In Your Hair

Once your hair is almost dry, use smoothing hair cream or mousse to discourage frizz and waves in your hair. Besides that, you can try to find a product that contains a natural smoothing agent like coconut oil or jojoba oil to relax your hair, too.

How To Straighten Natural Curly Hair With Hair Mask

Step 1 Make Hair Mask By Yourself

As we all know, deep-conditioning your hair with a DIY hair mask can give it a shinier and straighter appearance, especially hair masks that are meant to restore protein to hair could make curly hair appear more relaxed.

For instance, it is best to try a hair mask that uses raw egg, manuka honey, or avocado for a deep-conditioning effect.

Or you can also use warmed coconut oil or almond oil as hot-oil treatments to infuse and strengthen curly hair.


Step 2 Apply Hair Mask To Your Hair

Use your fingers to apply your DIY hair mask evenly throughout your hair and let it soak into your hair for 1 hour while you wear a plastic shower cap.

Step 3 Wash Out Hair Mask

After one hour, take the plastic shower cap, and then wash it out of your hair with clean water.

How To Straighten Hair With Hair Ties

If you are a newbie to these no heat hair straightening methods, it is a great way to help loosen your curls but won’t make your hair completely straight.

Step 1 Wet Your Hair

Wet your hair, either from showering or from rinsing your hair briefly in the sink.

Step 2 Tie Ponytails

Section your hair into two low ponytails and secure each ponytail with a hair tie near the base of your neck.


Step 3 Secure Ponytails

Use another pair of hair ties to loosely tie the ponytails 2 inches (5 cm) below where the first ponytail ties are and keep applying hair ties.

During the process, try to tie the hair ties loosely, as tying them tightly may leave dent marks or crimps in your hair.

Step 4 Let Ponytail Overnight

Leave the two ponytails on all night and untie them in the morning for straighter hair.

But there is a point you need to notice: if you’re sleeping with wet hair, please make sure to sleep on a satin pillowcase as this helps reduce hair friction and avoid hair breakage while you sleep. The reduction of friction is also great for a straighter appearance in the morning.

How To Straighten Your Hair With Hair Wrapping

Wrapping your hair is one of the oldest and most reliable techniques for no heat hair straightening, and one of the more popular ways to get straight hair without heat styling, too.

But not everyone knows how to straighten your hair effectively. Although there are different methods for different hair textures and lengths, the basics are pretty much the same. You’ll need long bobby pins, as well as satin hair wrapping scarves or turbans.

Step 1 Brush Hair Flat

Start by separating the top sections of your hair from the exact spot where you part your hair. Using a fine-toothed comb, comb the entire length of your hair flat.


Step 2 Wrap Hair

Hold your hair completely taut and bring one section of your hair around to the opposite side of your head from where it naturally falls and pin it tightly to the side of your head. Next, You’ll need to repeat this method for another section of your hair.

Step 3 Secure Hair

Before Sleeping After pinning your hair, place a silk scarf or a hair turban around your head to reduce frizz while you sleep and take down your hair in the morning.

How To Straighten Hair With Plastic Rollers

We know that the thought of using rollers for no heat hair straightening seems quite contradictive, but it is a great way to help flatten your hair while you sleep.

For this hair straightening method to work perfectly, make sure you use large, wide curlers and roll them very tightly so you straighten out all curls.

Step 1 Spray Straightening Spray

Start by generously spraying the entire length of your hair with a hair straightening spray until your hair stays damp for the entire process for perfect results.


Step 2 Use Plastic Rolls

Divide your damp hair into medium sections and roll the rollers into your hair before you go to bed until these sections reach the roots. If you don’t want to keep it on for the entire night, at least leave the rollers on for 4 hours before taking them out.

Step 3 Remove Rollers

Gently remove the rollers and brush your hair to make them look super shiny and straight.

Keep in mind to use plastic rollers as opposed to Velcro or foam.

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