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How Can I Get My Hair To Stop Thinning?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Everyone has a love of beauty and everyone wants to have full, voluminous hair. But we unknowingly notice excess hair running down the drain in the shower, or more hair than usual left in the hairbrush. In a world where abundant hair equates to vitality and youth, it can be annoying to notice that your hair is starting to fall out. Do you want to know the reason why your hair is thinning? Do you want to know what can be done to help you avoid thinning your hair? In this blog, you can find the answer.

1. Why Does Your Hair Become Thinning?


Here are a number of reasons why your hair is thinning, you can understand them one by one, and find out the main reason for your own thinning hair.

1.1 Age

As we age, the possibility of our hair thinning can increase as our hair follicles slow down in growth and may eventually stop generating new hair, as well as producing less natural oils in the scalp, which can make our hair brittle and thus can make our hair thinner.

1.2 Use hair styling tools and products


Applying a variety of hair styling tools and products is one of the common reasons why your hair is thinning. In order to have a gorgeous and chic hairstyle, we often use hot styling tools, but they can damage our hair, which makes our hair become dry and brittle, and eventually result in our hair thinning.

In addition, we also apply a variety of hair styling products, such as gels and sprays, as well as perms, relaxants, etc. But do you know they also can do harm to our hair? As they contain chemicals that are harmful to our hair that can stimulate our scalp and hair, causing our hair to thinner and fall out.

1.3 Stress


Stress is another cause of thinning hair. As adults, we all experience all kinds of stress in our lives, it's inevitable. When more and more stress comes up, it not only has a bad effect on our mind and body but also on our hair health.

Extreme physical or emotional stress can cause hair to fall out faster than normal. Under extreme stress, more of your hair moves from the anagen phase to the telogen phase, and as a result, you will experience more shedding, which results in your hair becoming thinner.

1.4 Low protein diets


If you don't get enough nutrients -- especially protein -- it can lead to hair loss and thinning. Because protein is the building block of hair, and hair is mainly composed of a protein called keratin. When you don't get enough protein, the protein you eat is prioritized for more important bodily functions and hair growth is neglected. This can stop the growth of new hair, which can lead to thinning hair.

1.5 Wearing tight hairstyles


Sometimes we wear an extra tight ponytail to make ourselves look young and vibrant, but did you know that this can bring about our hair becoming thin? Because when you have a particularly tight hairstyle, your hair will be pulled, and in severe cases, it will cause the hair to fall out of the follicle, and over time, it will develop tiny spots that prevent the hair from continuing to grow, resulting in thinning hair.

2. How Can You Get Your Hair To Stop Thinning?

Now that you understand the causes of thinning, would you like to know how to stop your hair from thinning? There are a number of approaches to help you.

2.1 Treat your hair with care


One of the ways to make your hair less thin is to always treat them gently. This means not brushing your hair violently or brushing your hair when it's wet and brittle. Also, avoid hairstyles that pull your hair, such as tight ponytails and updos, you can try some protective hairstyles. What's more, do not dry with a towel forcefully, as this can cause hair breakage, resulting in hair fall and thinning hair.

2.2 Reduce stress


It is known that significant psychological stress can lead to hair loss and thin hair. So in order to prevent your hair from thinning, we need to try our best to reduce stress and keep ourselves in a good mood. For example, you can put yourself in a good mood by meditating, practicing yoga, going to the gym, listening to music, chatting with friends, and more.

Keeping yourselves in a good mood plays a vital role in preventing thinning hair, so make yourselves as happy as possible.

2.3 Use fewer hot styling tools and products


In order to have a great-looking hairstyle or to keep your hair from flying around, hot styling tools and products are essential. However, if you want to your hair become full and thick, you must apply them as little as possible. As the more times you are using them, the more your hair breaks.

Ideally, you should wait a few months before using the leveler again. And try to restrict the heat of the tool to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and only apply it once a week.

2.4 Eat a balanced diet


Vitamins, minerals, and proteins play an important role in stopping your hair from thinning. Consequently, you can eat more vitamin-rich foods such as fruit and vegetables for this relieves mental stress and makes the hair shinier, as well as boosts one's immune system. You can also eat more protein-rich foods as they boost hair growth.

2.5 Massage your scalp


Massaging the scalp plays an essential role in hair growth. Not only does it promote a healthy sleep cycle, but it also promotes healthy hair growth. Because a good scalp massage stimulates blood circulation and oxygen to the hair follicles, it helps to deliver more nutrients to the hair roots, thereby promoting hair growth.

In addition, massaging the scalp allows one to temporarily leave their stress behind and be in a state of relaxation. So now you can schedule a scalp massage.


Now, do you have a wonderful understanding of how to stop your hair from thinning? If you have an interest in them, you can give them a shot. What's more, you can share them with us in the comment section if you have other good approaches to prevent your hair from thinning.

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