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How to Sport with a Wig? Everything You Need to Know

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Millions of women wear wigs every day - and women can wear wigs for almost anything, including exercising and even swimming. If you're a wig and a sports enthusiast, you'll want to know which wigs are best for going to the gym, for exercise and for sports. In this blog post, we'll let you know so things you need to know about wearing a wig for exercise.

What is a gym wig?

What is a gym wig?

First, let's get to the basics - what is a gym wig? A gym wig is a wig that you wear at the gym, during workouts or sports. While, for now, any wig can be considered a gym wig because they are not completely separate types of wigs, there are some features that would make a wig more appropriate to wear while working out or exercising.

Should you wear a wig for sports?

Should you wear a wig for sports?

This is actually a question that has no absolute answer, as it is entirely up to you. If you already wear a wig regularly, there is nothing wrong with wearing a wig while sporting it. But, you may ask, what about sweating? 

One reason many people are hesitant to wear a wig while sporting is that they think they will sweat a lot when they exercise and wearing a wig will make them hotter and cause them to sweat too much.

This actually has some ways to make your wig feel more comfortable at the gym, which we will cover below. We'll also take you through how you can make your wig more secure at the gym to prevent it from falling out, so keep reading to learn more.

What types of wigs are best for use during sports?

What types of wigs are best for use during sports?

Any wig can be a "gym wig" if you choose to wear it to the gym. However, when choosing a wig to wear while exercising, you first need to consider the nature of the workout. If you like to swim, you can choose a wig with a lining, and you can also have a synthetic hair wig specifically for swimming to extend the life of the human hair wig you wear every day.

If your sport requires a helmet or hat, you can use a well-ventilated wig to avoid the discomfort of overheating. In addition, wig bands are very safe, but I do not recommend using any adhesive for people undergoing chemotherapy because of the sensitivity of the skin at this time. Instead, use a wig clip-on headband that is worn underneath for added security.

If you want to wear a wig for exercise, you can try UNice's new product - UNice air wigs, an upgraded 3D Breathable cap which allows scalp to breathe freely. Adjustable strap and silicone non-slip band that help the wig to stay still on head. Let you no longer worry about exercising when Wigs fall out when you exercise.

Closure wig or frontal wig?

Closure wig or frontal wig?

Frontal styles, while they can feel more realistic and natural, are not the best choice when it comes to wigs for the gym, sports or workouts. They can be cumbersome to apply and are often exposed to sweat caused by exercise, which can damage the fragile lace over time.

In addition, if you typically secure your front wig with glue or gel, sweat can cause these gel products to break down, increasing the risk of your wig falling off during exercise.

Synthetic wigs or human hair wigs?

Synthetic wigs or human hair wigs?

While synthetic wigs may be cheaper, if you're looking for a wig specifically for working out, synthetic wigs may not be the right fit because they are harder to care for and clean, something you definitely don't want to do.

If you choose to use a synthetic wig as your workout wig and you work out regularly, consider having two wigs on hand and alternating them so that you can always use the other wig when it gets washed.

Short wigs or long wigs?

Short wigs or long wigs?

Again, this is entirely up to you and your personal style. A long wig can easily be tied into a ponytail or braid to give you some style variety. A shorter wig can relatively reduce the feeling of some excess heat or sweat, especially around the neck.

Headband wigs?

Headband wigs?

When it comes to the best types of wigs for the gym, headband wigs are also a good choice. They are easy to put on because they have a headband in the front and require little to no customization.

If you are wondering which type of wig is best for the gym, exercise or sports, consider the UNice air wig,

If you think of wigs as a type of protection for your hair, UNice air wigs not only protect your natural hair, but also give you convenience and versatility. Its hollow wig cap design allows more airflow to reach the scalp, reducing the likelihood that your wig will become too hot and uncomfortable due to sweating.

What is the best way to secure a wig at the gym?

Clips, combs, and glue are all common tools we use to secure our wigs, but did you know that these fixing methods can potentially harm your hair and skin?

Glue, in particular, is not the best choice for fitness enthusiasts when it comes to securing wigs. The heat and sweat generated during a workout can break down the glue, potentially leaving the edges of your wig soaked in sweat while your wig sticks firmly to your head in the gym - not a good thing.

This latest UNice air wig, using 3D dome wig cap, so you can wear a wig when you exercise, let your scalp breathe freely, the strap design allows you to get rid of the glue, adjustable straps according to the size of your head to adjust, the perfect match for your head, no longer worry about wig fall and damage to the health of the scalp!

UNice air wig

UNice air wig

Also, it takes seconds to put on and remove, not only for sweating, but even for roller coaster rides. UNice air wig is the perfect choice for wearing a wig while exercising, so you can have the confidence to focus on your workout, not whether your wig will suddenly slip off and cause an embarrassing situation.

How do I take care of my sports wig?

How do I take care of my sports wig?

Taking care of your sports wig is not difficult. However, with regard to the cleaning and care of your wig, always try to do the following.

1. Wash it regularly - how often you wash your workout wig will depend on the type of exercise you do and how often. If you do regular cardio workouts multiple times a week, you will need to wash your wig more often.

If you like low-intensity exercise like yoga, you can stretch out your wig washing cycle a bit, but a better rule of thumb is to wash your human hair wig once a week and your synthetic wig once every two weeks.

2. Take off the wig as soon as possible after exercise - this goes hand in hand with regular wig cleaning. Wearing a fitness wig for long periods of time can lead to a build-up of bacteria that can be harmful to your hair, skin and scalp.

3. Take care of your nature hair - Exercise can cause tangles, so take care of your hair after each workout. Wigs may be a protective style, but ignoring your natural hair and only taking care of the wig can do more harm than good.

If you don't know how to measure your head circumference, you can refer to this article:Why Choose 3d Dome Cap?

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