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How To Sleep With Curly Hair

Last updated Jan 3, 2024

As someone who was born with naturally curly hair, it is very important to maintain good hair care habits. We need a long sleep every day, so how to care for curly hair while sleeping has become a topic of concern to many people. If this worries you, or if you want to learn more about hair care while you sleep, please read on.

Sleep With Curly Hair

The Importance of Sleeping Correctly for Curly Hair

When you sleep, if you use cotton sheets and pillowcases, this material is relatively dry and will absorb moisture from your hair, making your hair more frizzy. At the same time, the process of turning over during sleep will also cause hair strands to rub against each other, and become tangled and messy. For naturally curly hair, messy hair in the morning requires more time to detangle. Therefore, we have the following suggestions for you regarding this issue.

Tips On How To Sleep With Curly Hair

No matter what kind of curly hair type you have, here are some tips to prevent frizz and damage while maintaining lovely curls.

Use Silk Pillowcases

The texture of cotton pillowcases will absorb moisture and oil from your hair, and friction will scratch your hair. In comparison, silk pillowcases are very kind to our skin and hair. The silk material is soft and silky and will not cause a lot of friction, and because of its texture, it will not absorb the natural oils of the hair or pull the hair strands. Therefore, you may choose to invest in a silk pillowcase to protect your curls.

sleep on a silk pillowcase

Use A Silk Nightcap Or Hair Tie

If you are used to wearing a sleep bonnet for curly hair, we generally recommend that you choose silk or satin materials. As mentioned above, this material is gentle and has low friction.

Silk Nightcap

Try The Plopping Method

This is also a popular method on the Internet for creating naturally curly hair. If you have just washed your hair, lay the towel or T-shirt flat after applying hair oil, then flip your hair over and place it on top, then roll up the ends and secure the towel or T-shirt on your head. Below is a video demonstration for your reference.

Moisturize Hair Ends

Relatively speaking, naturally curly hair is drier. Therefore, we recommend that you apply some product to the ends of your hair before going to bed. These products include leave-in conditioners, styling creams, moisturizing hair masks, etc. The use of these products can help you maintain soft and pleasant curls.

Moisturize Hair Ends

Use The Pineapple Method

The pineapple method is a very common sleep hairstyle. The specific operation is very simple, just gather all the hair to the top of the head, and then secure it loosely with a silk or satin hair tie (note that it does not need to be too tight or it will leave marks). The pineapple method works in any sleeping position.

Pineapple Method

Braid Your Hair

Braiding your hair is also a great sleep style. However, braids can affect your natural curls when you wake up. If you want smaller curls, choose a tight French braid or a mini braid. Here you can find a tutorial: French Braid vs. Dutch Braid: Unraveling the Differences.

Braid Your Hair

FAQ About Sleeping With Curly Hair

1. What’s the best sleeping position for curly hair?

When sleeping, it is best not to put all your hair under your head while sleeping. You can choose to sleep on your side or stomach to prevent your hair from being messed up.

2. Can I sleep with wet curly hair?

You can choose according to your habits, but contact between wet hair and bedding may breed bacteria and cause dermatitis. We recommend blow-drying or air-drying your hair before going to bed.

3. How do I manage my curls when I wake up?

If you sleep with your hair wrapped or tied up, untie it and shake out the curls to let them fall naturally. You can then use your fingers to gently loosen the tangle.

4. Can curly hair be combed?

We recommend combing curly hair when it's wet as it's easier to unclog tangles and prevent breakage.

Whether your hair is body wave or kinky curly, paying attention to it while sleeping can effectively keep your hair in a healthy, natural state. During this process, fully enjoy your connection with your curls.

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