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Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Have you ever been in bind and you really need to get your weave done; but you really didn’t have enough to pay for a new install and new hair? All you have is some old peruvian hair weave you wore a few months ago or the hair that’s currently installed now. Ladies, today we would be discussing “How to bring that peruvian Hair Weave Back to Life!”

It is the base of a brilliant hairstyle, if your hair is in a bad condition and you want to change such condition, you can read on such tips,here’s how to revive your weave.


Firstly brush out the hair and start applying the relaxer from the weft to the roots or vice versa any one that works for you it still works the same way. Just like your own hair, before styling, you want to be sure to detangle it first. It may be daunting or even difficult, but it must be done.You can’t wash it or comb through it all the way without detangling it first. Depending on how tangled and matted it is, you can add some conditioner as you detangle to loosen it up and provide slip.


When you wash your hair bundles with closure,you should Use nourishing shampoo to refresh weave Select a suitable nourishing shampoo.Use warm water to wet hair.Squirt a dime-sized amount of shampoo into your hands.Apply the shampoo into the weave, and gently massage it to create leather.


You can deep condition hair by just letting it set covered in conditioner in a plastic bag over night or you can place the hair in the microwave in a plastic bag for a minute.Once the human hair extensions is conditioned, rinse thoroughly and let air dry.  Your hair will be soft and manageable and ready for styling or your next install.

Air Dry

Whether the natural hair extensions is installed or not, you can allow the hair to air dry. If the hair is installed, you do want to make sure the braids underneath are completely dry, so you can sit under the dryer for a bit.Once the hair is washed, conditioned, and dried, your hair should look and feel revitalized! It is ready for another install, or to be kept in a few weeks longer.

Store Your Extensions

If you want to keep your extensions looking fresh and ready to install for the perfect hairstyle at any time you want, it's important to store them properly. Before you store your extensions, be sure that they are thoroughly dry. If they are still wet when put into a case, your hair tends to grow mold, especially the human hair weave. After the hair is dried, gently put it in a plastic bag or storage container. Keep them in a safe area that the wet can't reach.

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