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How To Revive A Matted Curly Wig

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

High-quality human hair wigs, especially curly human hair wigs, will dry up and become matted after a period of use. At this time, it is necessary to untie the matted hair and nourish the wig to make it smooth and shiny. This blog will introduce how to revive a matted curly wig through the aspects of brushing, washing, and drying. 

1. Why do you love curly wigs?


Curly wigs are popular among people because they can satisfy people’s desire to change their hairstyles with little harm to their natural hairstyle -whenever, wherever. 

Curly wigs have versatility. They can look good on people of all ages with different face shapes. Besides, according to a survey conducted by StyleCaster, it is surprisingly found that about 58% of guys thought curly hair was sexier than other hair textures.

Curly wigs represent vibrancy because they have bounce and fullness, which can create a youthful looking. And they are affordable. As an economical choice, they are very suitable for those who want to add their hair volume.

What’s more, curly wigs can naturally create the effect of shiny hair. Since they are all made of human hair, curly human hair wigs can produce a natural hairline and hair luster.

2. Why does your curly wig mat?


First of all, the curly wig you buy is in a spiral curl shape. It needs more nutrition and moisture to maintain its shape and softness. Otherwise, it will become dry and short-tempered, which is easily matted. 

In addition, curly wigs have a certain degree of curvature and bulkiness, so they are easily entangled. If it becomes dry, it will be more fluffy and the hair will be more easily entangled.

But don’t be so worried. Matted curly wigs can be pretty well handled. And after deep conditioning your hair, they can achieve the effect of renovation.

3. How do you revive the matted curly wig?


Due to the shape characteristics, curly wigs are easier to mat when wearing. Therefore, in the process of reviving, you should be patient in brushing, washing, and drying. The more moisture and nutrition you add to your wig, the more soft and elastic you will have. In addition, it is essential to moisturize your curly human hair wig every day to prevent hair from drying out and getting tangled.

3.1 Brushing your matted curly wig 

When the curly wig has been twisted together, don't rush to comb it directly. It will definitely damage the hair, such as breaking or pulling down a lot of hair. 

The right thing is to spray some water or detangling mist first to wet your hair slightly. And then, you can gently comb your hair from the bottom with a big toothcomb. Comb your hair neatly, and find out where it is entangled. 

Next, slowly comb the matted hair with a fine tooth comb. This process requires your patience. You can spray more mist on the section to increase the smoothness. Don’t be impetuous. The section can definitely be handled.

If your patience is exhausted, you can watch this video.

3.2 Washing your matted curly wig 


When you combed the curly wig thoroughly, you can start washing it. Here are some tips for you. 

First of all, you must pay attention to the choice of shampoo. Unice’s wigs are all made of human hair with expertly crafted, so it’d be better to use a professional wig shampoo

In addition, you should use cold water rather than hot water. Because hot water will damage the fibrous tissue of the wig but cold water will not. Washing your wig in cold water can closes the hair cuticles, which can add luster and shine to the hair.

Next, be sure to use a deep conditioner. A hair conditioner can add nutrition and moisture from the outside to make the wig soft and smooth. A fine-toothed comb can be used in this process. By slightly combing the wig, the conditioner can fully fuse with each hair, and the maximum nursing effect can be achieved.

Finally, gently lift the wig and rinse the conditioner down from the top. You can keep the water flow at a low pace, so as to avoid tangling your hair.

3.3 Drying your matted curly wig


After washing, the curly wig is very soft and smooth, so you should pay attention to some things when you dry the wig.

First, carefully put your wig on a towel and then cover it with another towel. In this process, be sure to avoid rubbing, because it will make the wig rough and tangled. Just gently wipe the moisture off the wig.  

It is recommended to air dry your curly wig. It could take up a long time for it to dry completely. So, you are suggested to leave the wig to dry all night at room temperature. You’d be better not to use blow dryers to help a human hair wig dry. Because it will damage the hair and make it so frizzy.

3.4 Applying a natural oil to your matted curly wig


As we all know, human hair can be nourished by the scalp, but human hair wigs do not have this function. Therefore, after being used for a while, human hair wigs can become dry and damaged. 

But you can nourish the curly wigs by gently applying a natural oil, like Moroccan oil or coconut oil, all over your human hair wig to restore moisture. Since coconut oil has moisture retaining properties, it can stay inside the hair stands. So, you can apply coconut oil after your hair is dry.

In addition, hair mousse is essential after drying. It can not only protect and tame your hair and give unruly curls some control but also make your curls bouncier.


This blog introduces a series of curly wig reviving methods, which can also be used in daily maintenance. Hope it can help you.

If you have any other questions, please comment below. Thank you for your comments.

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