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How to Remove Dip Nails, Easy, Damage-Free Solutions

Last updated Jul 9, 2024

One of the easiest manicure styles to do at home for those new to nail art is the dip powder nails, which is also quite fashionable and easy to remove. Are you eager to get rid of dip powder nails but worried that you can harm your natural nails in the process? Be at ease! Dip powder nail removal doesn't have to be dangerous. In fact, with the proper procedures and a little patience, you can simply and securely remove dip powder nails at home while keeping your nails appearing healthy and natural.

dip powder manicure

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How to Remove Dip Powder Nails at Home

Here is a detailed step by step guide for dip nails DIY newbies. Before removing dip powder nails, make sure you have the required items ready. So, check it out with me.

Preparing for Dip Nail Removal

◆ Coarse grit nail file

◆ 100% pure acetone

◆ Cotton balls

◆ Aluminum foil

◆ Small bowl

◆ Metal pusher or orangewood stick

◆ Petroleum jelly or cuticle oil

Step 1: Trim and File Your Nails

If you're doing long nails, start by trimming them to the right length using a nail clipper. Next, use a rough nail file to gently polish the top layer of dip nails to a glossy finish. This is to allow the acetone to penetrate better for easy removal. You need to be careful not to file too thickly or it will damage your natural nails.

File Your Nails

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Step 2: Protect Your Skin

To stop the acetone from irritating the skin around the nails, dab on some petroleum jelly or cuticle oil.

Step 3: Let Your Nails Soak

You can submerge your fingertips in acetone by filling a small basin with it. Alternatively, put some cotton balls on your nails and cover them with aluminum foil after soaking them in acetone.

Nails Soak

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Place a heated towel over your hand to hasten the dissolving process. Take care to prevent skin burns.

Step 4: Wait for Dissolution

The process of soaking in acetone takes about 10-15 minutes, if you are worried that dip nails are too stubborn, you can extend the time appropriately to allow it to completely dissolve the dip powder.

Step 5: Clean Your Nails

Remove the aluminum foil and wipe off the dissolved material with a cotton ball. Use a metal pusher or orangewood stick to gently hang off any remaining nail polish.

Clean Your Nail polish

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Step 6: Repair Nails

After removing the dip powder, your nails may feel brittle. Apply a few drops of cuticle oil or nail strengthener to nourish and repair your nails. If the skin on your hands feels irritated, use a mild hand cream to soothe.

FAQs about Dip Nails

Does Removing Dip Nails Damage Your Nails?

Removing dip powder can damage your nails if not done properly. Here are two bad habits that can damage your nails.

◆ Filing too hard: If you file too hard or too often, it can thin your nails.

◆ Prolonged exposure to acetone: Acetone, which is used to soak the remover powder, takes away essential oils and moisture from the nails, making them dry and brittle.

How Often Should You Take a Break From Dip Nails?

I recommend that you should pause dip powder nails every 4-6 weeks to prevent damage to your natural nails and give them time to recover.

Does Dip Ruin Your Nails More Than Gel?

Both gel and dip powder manicures are safe for your nails when done properly. The nails can sustain damage from both kinds of nail treatments, but it can be reduced by taking breaks in between manicures, using moisturizer and lacquer on a regular basis, and not filing the nails too sharply.


I hope this tutorial will help you successfully get rid of your dip nails and have strong, beautiful nails! If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a question or consult a professional nail technician.

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