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How to Put on a Wig and Make it Look Natural

Last updated Dec 24, 2023

How to Put on a Wig and Make it Look Natural

A wig can instantly change one's appearance and offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to hairstyle, color, and length. Many women who care in their beauty live without human hair wigs today. Maybe you decided on long silky black hair that shines in sunlight, or instead picked spunky short hair with a bit of a curl. Perhaps you chose wavy blond locks that you can braid or went for the long bangs to contour your face.

Do you know how to put on a wig? Whether you have long hair or short hair, we'll show you some tips and tricks to keep your wig securely in place. If you are new to wigs, this breezy tutorial will be a big help!

How to put on a wig for beginners?


1. Prepare your hair.

how to wear a wig

Whether you have long or short hair, you must fix it so that there are no dips or bumps when you put on the wig and it does not show underneath it.

● If you have long hair, divide it into two bundles and twist them together so that they cross at the back of your head. Bobby pins can be used to fasten them at the top and bottom.

● Make little 1-inch (2.5 cm) curls and pin them around your hair if your hair is long and thick. Take a 1-inch (2.5cm) wide strand of hair and twirl it around your index finger. Curl this strand of hair toward the crown of your head, creating a 1-inch (2.5-cm) broad circle with your hair. After you've curled all of your hair, secure it with two bobby pins and draw an X across the curls. This will create a smooth surface on which to wear the wig.

● Shorter hair can be brushed and tied back at the hairline. Keep your hair flat against your head. You can also pull the hair away from the hairline with an elastic fabric headband or similar object.

2. Prepare your skin.

Wipe the skin around the hairline with an alcohol-soaked cotton pad. This will remove oil and impurities from the skin and allow the glue or tape to adhere to the skin more effectively. Next, apply a scalp protector, which can be a spray, gel, or lotion, to the scalp. This will prevent sensitive skin from glue or tape irritation and harm. Make careful to prepare your skin, even if you don't have hair and skipped the prior step.

3. Put on a wig cap.

You can use a mesh wig cap or a skin-colored nylon wig cap. Mesh wig caps are more breathable, whereas skin-colored wig caps match the color of the scalp beneath the wig. To put on the wig cap, gently bring it up to the top of your head, aligning it with your hairline and ensuring that all of your hair is underneath the wig cap.

At the outer edge, secure it with a few bobby pins. You should wear a wig cap underneath your wig whether you have long or short hair. If you don't have any hair, skip this step.

4. Apply glue or tape.

● Apply a thin coating of glue along the hairline with a little makeup brush. Allow it to dry. This could take some time.

● If you're going to use tape, gently run double-sided strips along the hairline to adhere it to the skin. Allow for a tiny gap between each strip of tape. This allows moisture to escape as you sweat without damaging the entire strip of tape.

To keep the wig and wig cap from falling off, simply add glue or tape around the wig cap's edge. This will bind the wig, wig cap, and skin together, making it more stable. You are free to utilize a combination of these two ways.

How to put on a wig for beginners?

1. Prepare the wig.

Before you put on the wig, be certain that the wig hair is not glued or taped. If you're wearing a lace wig, trim the lace to match your hairline. Make sure you don't take too much off and destroy the natural hairline of the wig. Leave some around the borders so it adheres to your head naturally.

2. Place the wig on your head.

Take hold of the wig area in the center of your forehead. Place it on your head and gently rest it on your scalp, then pull the rest of the wig over your head. Keep your sides as far away from the glue as possible so that it doesn't stick until you're ready.

Do not stoop to put on the wig backwards. This will cause your wig to appear uncentered and may cause pieces of your hair to become stuck to the adhesive substance before you are ready.

Allow plenty of time to adjust your wig before leaving the house if this is your first time wearing one. It can take a few practice sessions to get it just right.

3. Secure the wig.

Regardless of the adhesive you use, you must bind the wig to your head. After placing the wig in the desired position, carefully press the front edge of the wig with a fine-tooth comb. If you're using a full lace wig, ensure that the lace region fits snuggly around your head, providing a natural hairline. Wait 15 minutes after fastening the front half of the wig for it to set. Then repeat the process on the back. Allow another 15 minutes before shaping to ensure the wig is securely in place.

Bobby pins can also be used to help your wig feel more secure. Bobby pins should be inserted through the top of the wig and hung on the wig cap and the hair underneath. Do more in the center to ensure they are not apparent.

After that, look under the wig for any obvious adhesive residue. If there is, gently wipe it away with a cotton pad dipped in an alcohol solution.

If you did not install your wig correctly on the first try, gently wipe around the region with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab to remove the wig from your skin, adjust your wig, and reapply.

Step 3: Style and accessorize.

Style and accessorize

Once your wig is fully secured, you can design your hair however you like. Wigs can be woven, curled or decorated to your liking. If you have a synthetic wig, avoid heating the hair strands as they may melt or be damaged.

And you can cut the wig to fit the shape of your face. This will make the wig feel more like your own hair and look more natural.
Remember, whether your wig is made of human hair, animal hair or synthetic material, don't use too much product because it will leave a residue on the wig.


Being able to wear a wig with confidence and make everyone think you just have a beautiful new haircut is doable. We have worked with clients who were even able to fool their spouses by using some of the tips and hints provided above to make the wig look like your own natural hair.

The UNice wear and go wigs has undergone a series of upgrades that are simple and quick to wear. It allows you to put it on and go out.

For more information on purchasing natural looking or custom designed wigs, feel free to visit UNice.com, where wig styles are available in a variety of colors and lengths.

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