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How To Perm Short Hair Without Rollers? Easy And Effective Ways

Last updated Sep 19, 2023

If you are looking for a cute and attractive curl for your short hair, short hair perm is a good idea. Nowadays, perms are not just for salons, you can easily do it yourself at home, in the following I will take you through how to perm short hair without rollers.

1. What is a curling roller?

A curling iron is a long, cylindrical curling iron, often called a spiral iron. When first used, a curling iron is usually used to curl hair after a chemical perm has been applied. Curling irons are ideal for medium-length hair because they are small and compact, but they also come in a variety of sizes and colors. The whole wand is made of plastic and your hair is held in the clips of the wand.

curling roller

In a salon, the stylist will choose the right size curling iron for you and then curl your hair separately, soak the curling iron in a potion and wait for it to heat up. However, it is not only the curling iron that can help you get a short hair perm, there are ways to get curls without using a curling iron. 

2. What are the other ways to get curly hair besides a perm rod?

There are actually a lot of tools other than a curling iron that can help you get perm short hair, you just need to remember the characteristics of a curling iron. It is non-porous and cylindrical, and the curling iron is not metal, but usually plastic. You can immediately think of many tools, such as pencils, plastic bags, candles, etc. These items can be used to make short perm. These items can be used to make short permed hair, which may sound unbelievable, but you should know that in the last century, people made curly hair using only heated iron.

curling roller

3. Ways to get a short hair perm without rollers

3.1 Foam curls

Foam rollers seem to be the perfect perm tool because of their cylindrical shape and non-metallic body. You can use foam rollers to curl all your hair and hold it in place with a leather band. However, it is important to note that foam rolls are fragile and the chemical liquid used for perming may cause corrosion. So before you try it, take out a foam roll and pour a little perm liquid on it.

Foam curls

Wait fifteen minutes, as long as the solution does not corrode or dissolve the foam, you can safely use the foam roll to perm your hair! However, if you need to heat your hair, you still need to pay attention to the heat resistance of the foam to avoid fire.

3.2 Straws

Are you surprised that a simple straw can also be used as a curling iron? Start by curling your hair tightly around the straw, starting at the base of your hair and wrapping it around near the end of the first straw. Curl the straw into the hair until the entire strand is curled. Once you have curled the hair use bobby pins to hold the straw in place and repeat the steps above for the rest of the hair.


Using a straw to curl your hair can work for many different hair band sizes and styles and is especially good for those who like to curl their hair in smaller sizes and want to create even smaller curls. When removing, make sure your hair is dry before carefully removing the straws. Release one curl at a time. Start by unclamping it from the bobby pin. Next, simply roll the straw in the opposite direction to detangle your hair. Depending on your hair type, simply detangling the bobby pins may cause the strands to loosen on their own.

3.3 Pencil

It sounds pretty shocking to think that you can make curls just by having a pencil, right, but it's really achievable. Part a small section of your hair, run your straightener through your hair, and twist your hair around the pencil. First, make sure your straightener is not too hot or it will burn your hair directly. If you have very fine hair and have done hairdressing projects like perms and coloring before, it is recommended to keep the temperature of your straightener below two hundred degrees.


For very coarse and hard hair, a temperature setting of between 200-300 degrees is sufficient. While twisting the hair on the pencil, leave the hair for about five seconds. After waiting another ten seconds, slowly twist the hair out of the pencil and spray a styling spray or gel on the hair to hold the style in place before finishing.

4. What are the steps for proper perming?

After knowing the above methods to get a short hair perm without a curling iron, the next step is to practice it. But before you practice you have to make sure that each step of your perm is correct in order to achieve the desired result, so let's take a look at the correct perm steps.

Step 1 Start with clean hair

Start with clean hair

First, wash your hair with shampoo to remove any grease and debris from your hair. After washing, apply a conditioner so that your hair can get enough nourishment. The process of perming will use heat styling devices, which can also cause damage to your hair, so spray your hair with a heat protection spray before you start to reduce some of the damage from the heat styling devices.

Step 2 Curl your hair

Curl your hair

First divide your hair into equal sections, secure the rest of your hair with bobby pins, remove the hair you want to perm, and wrap it around the curling iron of your choice. Once curled, secure the hair with a leather band, but don't forget to add the perm solution to the hair. Place your fingers in the middle of the bundle, wrap the hair around your fingers and begin to wrap the hair upwards. When you're done, you can remove your fingers and pull your hair down.

Step 3 Styling


After all the hair is done with the above steps, wait until the perm dries on your hair, pull out the ends of the strand and finish your hair. Don't forget to spray on some styling spray before finishing to keep the short hair perm looking better for the rest of the day.

5. Conclusion

Now you must have a plan in mind on how to get a short hair perm at home without using a curling iron, the above three methods introduced for you all work, as long as you follow the right steps and methods, you can definitely get the perfect perm short hair. go ahead and try it, good luck.

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