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How To Part Your Hair According To Your Face Shape

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As is well known, one of the easiest ways to change your look is to change the way of parting your hair. And proper way of parting your hair will highlight the strengths of your face, balance out the weaknesses, and best of all, give you an instant makeover. Here we will teach you how to choose the best “golden line” according to your face shape.

Why Do You Need To Part Your Hair According To Your Face Shape?

As we all know, there are six basic face shapes for us: oval, oblong, square, heart, diamond, and round. And every face shape has different hairstyles. Naturally, only the proper way of parting your hair can modify your face shape, but also rapidly promote your image temperament.


However, many people part their hair according to its own texture, which might not really work for you. Are you one of them? If you are, now keep reading to choose a perfect way to part your hair according to your face shape.

How to determine your face shape?

Way One Find The Widest Part Of Your Face

You can visually look at your face with a mirror or use flexible tape to measure the width of your face. If you have a broad forehead, your face is oval; if your cheekbones are the widest part, your face may be round or heart-shaped; if your face looks uniform in width, your face is likely to be square.

Way Two Make Sure The Shape Of Your Jaw

The shape of your chin can further determine your face shape. If the chin is short or round, you have a round face; if you have a pointed and narrow chin, it means your face is heart-shaped; If you have an angular jaw, it has further proved that you have a square face.

Way Three Compared The Length And The Width Of The Face

First of all, use a flexible tape or rope to measure the length from the top of the hairline to your chin, the width of your face at the bridge of your nose, and then the width of the top of the hairline and the chin. Finally, write down the data you measure on a piece of paper for reference.


Oval Face: the length is 1.5 times the width;

Oblong Face: the length is longer than the width;

Square Face: The length of the hairline is the same as the width of your chin;

Heart-shaped Face: the width of the cheekbones is biggest, and the width of the forehead and chin are almost the same;

Diamond-shaped Face: a broad forehead, a narrow chin, and prominent cheekbones;

Round Face: the length and the width of the face is almost the same.

How To Part Your Hair According To Your Face Shape

Hair Parts For Oval Face: Any Hair Part

The oval face is the standard face shape, and considered the most perfect face shape. After all, an oval face has smooth facial lines, a well-defined forehead, and an equal distance between the forehead, nose, and chin. There is no doubt that those people who have an oval face are the luckiest as they can try any parting, any hairstyle. If you have an oval face, you can try a middle part to bring a sense of freshness to your look, just like Suki Waterhouse.


Besides, you also can purchase some curly hair bundles to add the volume of your hair in order to accentuate your face shape.


Hair Parts For Oblong Face: Middle Part

Just as the name implies, the oblong face have a long face and soft facial lines. However, the biggest problem is that the face is too long. What you should notice is to choose a way of parting your hair that can shorten facial length, for example, the middle part with layers or fringe.

What is more important, people with oblong faces should avoid black straight hair as far as possible, which will spin your face shape. If you really like long hair, you had better choose curly hair to widen your face horizontally. Furthermore, short hair can make people with an oblong face look younger and highlight temperament.

And you also can opt for some curly human hair wigs to modify your face shape, for example, honey blonde wigs, 613 blonde wigs, highlight wigs, and so on.


Hair Parts For Square Face: Deep Side Part

People who have a square face have obvious face lines and more dimensional face features, which will give others a sense of cool and generosity. Therefore, you can choose a deep side part to soften the forehead and jaw lines, while long layers will create an oval face by dividing the cheeks diagonally and hiding the rough lines of your face.


When it comes to the square face, we have to say a star with a square face- Keira Knightley. Whether she is pulling hair up or letting it down, she often uses deep side parting to flatter her jawbones on both sides.

Hair Parts For Square Face: Side Part With Bangs Or Middle Part

For a nearly perfect face shape, the only thing you need to pay attention is to avoid exposing the widest forehead. While a middle part is a good way to reduce the width of the forehead. Of course, you can take a look at Rihanna’s example.


The wavy hair covers the widest part of cheeks with a middle part, which accentuates her eyes makeup and red lips, thus making her look elegant and glamorous. In addition, side part with bangs can add some softness to the square face shape, too.

You can get a similar look with an HD lace wig. This wig is our hot-selling hair product, which is made of 100% virgin human hair and can give you a most natural appearance.


Hair Parts For Diamond Face: Side Part


Diamond face belongs to a very dimensional face shape, so it would be better to choose a side part to avoid aggravating the originally tough facial lines and soften the facial lines. And don’t forget the middle part will accentuate those sharp features, thus making them look more obvious.

Hair Parts For Round Face: Middle Or Deep Side Part

People with round faces have more round and soft facial lines that are too round so that don’t have edges and corners. Therefore, you can try a middle part or deep side part to lengthen your face visually. After all, two ways of parting your hair can give an illusion of length and create a sense of symmetry around your face.


Like the round-faced Kerr loves her side part whether she is on the red carpet or in every life. So you can also try curls with a deep side part with a lace front wig to reveal the cheek and earring of one side for a stylish and glamorous look. Compared to HD lace wig, the lace front wig is more affordable and can make updos, buns, and high ponytail. Just make the hairstyle as you like at anytime, anywhere.


Do you like these ways of parting your hair? Now rush to measure your face shape and go for the best part.

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