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How To Match The Burgundy Wig? Find Your Suitest Makeup

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Burgundy hair is the first choice of hair color for autumn and winter. To be the most unique presence in the crowd, bright hair color is a good breakthrough point, and makeup that complements your hair color is the key to making you stand out. In this article, I will take you into the world of burgundy wig to find the most suitable makeup for burgundy wigs.

1. What color is a burgundy wig?

To better match a burgundy wig, you must first understand its color composition principle, so that you can match a better look with makeup and styling.
In the RGB color principle, burgundy color is composed of 50.2% red and 12.5% blue, while burgundy wig is a mixture of purple and brown with red as the most basic shade. The burgundy wig is like a glass of wine with a subtle sparkle in the sunlight.

burgundy wig

2. How to match the burgundy wig

Before matching burgundy wigs, find out what kind of skin tone you have. Burgundy is somewhere between cool and warm tones, and because it is predominantly red in tone it leans more toward the warm side. Burgundy covers a wide range of colors, from dark to light. This also means that warm skin tones are also suitable to try a burgundy wig. cool skin-tone girls are of course needless to say that burgundy wig will make your face look more refined and it suits almost every skin tone. Here's how to match your burgundy wig

burgundy wig

2.1 Eye shadow

burgundy wig has a very high color saturation, so the eye shadow that you can choose can be a low saturation nude eye shadow or one that is darker than your hair color. Two different eyeshadows can create a completely different look.

Light nude eyeshadow

Light nude eyeshadow

Light eye shadows and burgundy hair don't look out of place together, they look better together. Nude is a very everyday color that is suitable for those girls with fair or yellowish skin tones who choose a burgundy wig. The reason it doesn't stand out is that your eyeliner and eyelashes will blend in with the eyeshadow and echo the hair color perfectly. You can choose a pink or light brown eyeshadow to apply on your eyelids and a gold highlighter to highlight the corners of your eyes. It is worth mentioning that using a darker color from the eyeshadow palette to outline your eyes will be more natural than an eyeliner pencil.

Light nude eyeshadow

Dark pearlescent eyeshadow

Dark pearlescent eyeshadow

Dark pearlescent eyeshadows are the first choice for girls with olive or wheatish skin tones or even brown skin. Nude colors are hard to show up on dark skin tones, so we can choose eyeshadow colors that are darker than our hair colors, such as red-brown or earth tones. Choose at least one color that echoes the burgundy wig in all dark eyeshadows, either purple or dark red, so that the look can be more attractive. Choose the brightest glitter color in your eyeshadow palette to highlight right in the middle of your eyes. It is important to note that an already very rich eyeshadow does not need too obvious eyeliner, you can choose the inner eyeliner.

Dark pearlescent eyeshadow

2.2 Lipstick

The choice of lipstick is to match the eye shadow you choose. If you are choosing a light-colored eyeshadow and elongated eyeliner, then it is recommended that you choose nude pink lipstick, which is a more advanced match. If you are going for a very rich eye shadow, you may want to choose a berry color or a big red lipstick to create a glamorous feminine look.


Nude Lipsticks

Choose nude lipsticks with different textures depending on your skin tone. For girls with dark skin, choosing a pearlescent nude lipstick with a crystal clear texture will make your lips look fuller and shiny. For girls with wheat skin tone, the simplest nude lipsticks are your best choice to give you a premium look easily. For girls with fair skin tones, you can choose nude pink lipsticks to bring some good color to your skin.

Nude Lipsticks

Rich Berry Lipsticks

Rich berry lipsticks correspond to dark pearlescent eyeshadows and when you choose berry-colored lipsticks, you will have a very sexy and glamorous look. Berry colors and burgundy hair are even the best matches, especially for girls with darker skin tones.

Rich Berry Lipsticks

3. Where can I buy affordable and reasonable quality burgundy hair?

After summing up what kind of eye shadow and lipstick goes better with the burgundy wig, I believe you are also very excited about the burgundy wig, here is a few selected burgundy wig that is very cost-effective for you, take a look.

3.1 Straight burgundy lace front wig

Straight burgundy lace front wig

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Straight hair is the texture that best reflects the quality of a wig because the requirements of straight hair will only be more stringent. To have a smoother texture, will not easily be knotted, and lustrous to be known as a good quality straight wig. And burgundy lace front wig in different lights has a rich color, and the product has almost no color difference, 13 * 4 lace front so you do not have to worry about the hairline will be the unnatural situation.

3.2 Dark burgundy wig with loose wave

 Dark burgundy wig with loose wave

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This wig selects the latest pick dye technology, skunk strip, so you can fully feel the charm of fashion. The hair on either side of the forehead is the red rose, which echoes nicely with the burgundy hair at the back. In total, there are two textures for you to choose from, either straight or loose wave, and also a 13*4 burgundy lace front wig, perfect for your natural hairline.

3.3 Burgundy bob wig

Burgundy bob wig

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Short burgundy hair looks just as good, no less than those with long hair. It is more suitable for those women who are in and out of the workplace or those who love trendy culture, and more importantly, this burgundy bob wig can fit in either in winter or summer.

3.4 4*4 burgundy curly wig

burgundy curly wig

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The burgundy curly wig has ethnic curls and colorful hair color, both of which are very new but good-looking.

4. Conclusion

The burgundy wig itself is very attractive, but a good wig still needs to have the right makeup to go with it to make it more attractive.

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