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How To Make Nicole Kidman Loved Jellyfish Hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

From the wolf cut to the jellyfish haircut, the jellyfish haircut, which even celebrities like Nicole Kidman have chosen to try, is now becoming very popular on social media platforms like TikTok. Styling with sea animals does look like a very innovative and unique option, and this blog will look at this new popular hair trend - jellyfish haircut and how to style it.

1. what is a jellyfish haircut?

The jellyfish haircut is mainly inspired by sea animals but the hairstyle is inspired by the traditional Japanese hairstyle hime cut, also known as the princess cut. hime cut became very popular three years ago and the jellyfish haircut combines the main features of the hime cut with the look of a jellyfish. 

The difference is that with the jellyfish haircut, the top layer of hair is shorter and evenly spaced around the head like a bowl cut in order to better emulate the look of a marine animal. In most cases, the first outer layer is even cut around the head to mimic the shape of a short bob. However, the second layer is where one can cut the hair more freely, as short or as long as desired. It can range from the traditional mullet shape to the full short at the top to the long at the bottom anime girl hairstyle.

2. why are jellyfish haircuts so popular?

One of the reasons why the jellyfish haircut is so popular is because it has a very unique look, unlike any haircut, the jellyfish haircut has the top half of the jellyfish haircut is a rounded bob, and the bottom is random hair. In addition, the jellyfish haircut also has the ability to wrap around your face, it can flatter your face shape and give you a perfect silhouette. Finally, the jellyfish haircut allows you to enjoy the fun of short hair and the flow of long hair at the same time.

3. how to do a jellyfish haircut?

Step 1 Prepare your hair

Separate your hair in the middle when wet and divide it into the front and back hair with your ears as the dividing line, then start cutting from the back.

Step 2 Create a beautiful triangle in your hair

Spread the hair near the neck, create a nice triangle near the top of the head and pin it up. Take out a pair of sharp but small scissors and pinch a small section of hair you need to trim with both fingers to make a fine trim. In this section, we need to cut the hair in a bob shape. But don't let all the hair stay on the same level, it will look very rigid, cut as much as possible with more curves and layers.

Step 3 Trim the hair on top of the head

Take out a portion of the hair that is pinned to the top of the head and follow the method above, pulling the hair back before trimming. Try to keep the balance and layers of each trimmed part as much as possible and create a gradual bob look.

Once you are halfway done then remove the remaining hair from the top of your head and apply the same fingers with the same tension to the top of your head. To get your jellyfish haircut closer to the desired effect, cut the top layer of hair thinner and shorter, like a bowl shape evenly around the head.

Step 4 Blow dry your hair

While blow drying, use a hair dryer and a comb to straighten the hair. Fine-tune the jellyfish haircut by reducing the volume of the top part of the hair, while the bottom half of the hair will need to be curled by using a curling iron on it. The top is a round bob and the bottom is curly curls, the top and bottom together make a funky jellyfish haircut.

3. popular jellyfish haircuts you must try

3.1 straight black jellyfish haircut with bangs

Black is the most natural color and the one that can't be wrong. The jellyfish haircut with cut side bangs above the jawline and flush bangs in front of the forehead is suitable for those girls who have less-than-perfect facial curves. There are also people with diamond-shaped faces, jellyfish haircuts can help you block the parts you don't want to show off. Black hair allows you to match any outfit easily. In addition, this jellyfish haircut is so easy to create that you can purchase a quality real hair wig and cut it yourself at home.

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3.2 dark roots blonde jellyfish haircut

Blonde hair is the best hair color to highlight the fashion sense, and dark roots blonde hair adds uniqueness to blonde hair. This jellyfish haircut is perfect for girls who love pop culture and are looking for individuality. You can pair it with an exaggerated or gothic look and earrings or a necklace, and it will look stylish with a dark sweater or a BM-style t-shirt. If your native hair is not blonde like the one in the picture and the cost of bleaching and coloring your hair is too much, we suggest you buy a 613 wig. Once you get it home you can style your hair however you want or just skip the bleaching step to change the color of your hair.

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4. conclusion

After reading everything about the jellyfish haircut, does it whet your appetite to try this new hairstyle? Even Nicole Kidman is trying it, you can't miss it!

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