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How To Make A Nice-Looking V Part Wig

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

V part wigs are received many positive comments from customers once launched on the wig market. Although you can purchase a V part wig human hair, it would be better to make one by yourself. And you can decide exactly where the part will be and how the V part wig will look. In order to give you a more seamless look, we will teach you a tutorial about how to make a V part wig for black women in the following.

What You Need To Prepare In Advance

A wig cap or a mesh cap;

Foam head;


A white dressmakers’ chalk or a colored eyeliner;


C-curved needle;

Thick black thread;

Adjustable straps;

Human hair bundles of choice( two or three bundles depending on the volume and length you desired)


How To Make A V Part Wig Step By Step?

Step 1: Pin the V part wig cap on the foam head, then draw the V-shaped part

First of all, you can choose the wig cap and use some pins to type the wig cap on the foam head, especially four corners. Then draw a V-shaped part on the wig cap according to your preference. Although a white dressmaker's chalk will work well here, you can use a colored eyeliner to finish this job as well.

Step 2: Sew in hair bundles On the Wig Cap

You can use a C-curved needle to bring the thick black thread down across the weft. Then push the needle through the wig cap and out again. Continue sewing until you reach the other side. In the process of sewing, it would be better to anchor the weft to the wig cap with a double knot before you cut off any strings, which will be completely secure and sturdy.

You need to cut the weft and start your next row to continue sewing the weft to the wig cap until you reach the other side of the wig cap., just above the hem. But you need to be aware that The new row needs to start ¼ to ½ inch (0.64 to 1.27 centimeters) above the first one. Repeat these operations until all hair bundles are sewed on the wig cap, except the V-shaped part.

Step 3: Take the wig off the foam head and secure the V-shaped part

Once you take the wig off the foam head, you must use threads to sew in the wefts around the V-shaped part line just to make sure everything is completely secure.

Step 4: Cut off the V-shaped part

You can use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the wig cap right along the V-shaped part lines that you drew. Of course, please do not cut right next to the left weft.

Step 5: Add the clips and adjustable straps to the inside of the V part wig cap

We sincerely recommend you sew two combs to each side of the V-shaped part, making the teeth of these combs face away from the V-shaped part. Besides, nothing is better than sewing three combs to the nape and both sides of the V part wig, with the teeth facing away from the hem.

Tips: If your wig cap has seams, line the two backcombs with those seams.

If your combs have stitching holes, use two stitches per hole.

Some Useful Tips For You

1. If you want to get a most natural look, we sincerely recommend you purchase a V part wig human hair that is made of 100% virgin human hair. The hair is soft, bouncy, and can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need.

2. Before you decide to make a V part human hair wig, you had better decide how much hair you prepare to leave out in advance and then mark the V-shaped part on the V part wig cap according to your need, which can help you avoid the V-shaped part too small or too large to some extent.

3. When you start to sew in the first and last weaves on the V part wig cap, please make sure the weaves are laying as flat and close together as possible, which can make the V part wig style and blend with your natural hair much easier.

4. When cutting the excess fabrics, you must take care not to cut close to the V-shaped part.

If you are lazy and tired of making a V part wig with leave out, we also offer some high-quality V part wigs for sale.


The Features Of This V Part Wig

100% virgin human hair V part wig

V part wig with combs and adjustable clips for black hair, can be adjusted

Average Size( 54cm-58cm Head circumference in stock), can fit the majority of a woman's head

14-24 inches available

Breathable And Comfortable

No Lace, No Cornrow

No Glue, Or Gel

No, Leave Out, No Sew In

No Stocking Cap Needed Super Natural Looking

Blend Perfectly With Your natural hairline

Matches The Roots Of Your Hair

O Skill Needed Wig, Can Put On And Take Off Everyday

Except for jerry curly texture, there are also body wave, straight, kinky straight V part wigs. 


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Besides, the V part wig for sale is a 0 skill needed wig as it is friendly for beginners as you can put on it and take off it every day. More importantly, it can bring you the perfect look for daily life, wedding, dating, theme party, cosplay, church, school, shopping, and any other formal and special occasions, making you more confident and charming.

The Customer Reviews Of V Part wig

Love it so natural can’t wait to install shipping wasn’t bad rather quickly.

I really like this wig, it barely sheds and is easy to clip in. It is really soft and really mimics natural textured hair.the-customer-reviews-about-the-v-part-wig_1

Extremely full wig. Needs to be plucked quite a bit, but an otherwise good deal!

I love everything about this wig! It is very comfortable to wear and there is no shedding. I have worn this wig for 1 week and the curls are still vibrant. I will be purchasing another one for backup.

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