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From Frizzy, Dry To Full, Sexy, A Guide To Maintain Wet And Wavy weave

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Do you like luscious, clean, full, and beautiful wavy hair? Not to mention wet and way hair can give you an elegant look makes my heart skip with joy. But you may find that wet and wavy hair is more vulnerable and requires more maintenance. Now keep reading to learn the following tips to maintain the wet and wavy weave for its durability.

How To Maintain The Wet And Wavy Weave

Here are some simple tips and tricks so that you can keep the wet and wavy hair weave look tremendous all the time as well as last longer.


There are thousands of shampoos and conditioners for you to choose from. Keep in mind, the products you use to wash the wet and wavy quick weave should be free of sulfates and paraben, or designed for hair extensions.


Some stylists recommend that you should use the conditioner on the hair before you begin to wash it, which will keep it moisturized before cleaning. In the end, don’t forget to rinse it well and make sure it’s free of products left on your hair weaves. If you further wish to have the hair maintaining the waves, just slightly dry it with a towel. Next, let it air dry rather than using a blow dryer. Furthermore, use the curling serum and other products to maintain the waves.


As we all know, the quick weave wet and wavy will easily become frizzy or dry. To prevent it, just need to spray with water to calm down the hair. Of course, you can also use a good-quality leave-in conditioner to keep it moisturized. According to the condition of hair, you can use an excellent wet and wavy spray in place of a leave-in conditioner.


Also, if it’s very dry, don’t use a brush on the hair that will make it tangle and get rid of hair strand oils. If you have to comb the hair, though, you can use the wide-toothed comb or your finger to brush it.

Although human hair weaves are all made of 100% virgin human hair and can be straightened, curled, highlighted, dyed, according to your need, always use it at the lowest temperature, Whether you decide to use the flat iron or curling iron. By doing this, you can effectively protect the hair from heat damage. For example, you even can use a heat protectant for the weaves spray to protect the strands from the ultimate loss.

But if you are using weaves that are made of synthetic hair, remember you should never use heat styling tools.


Always Comb Your Hair

First The way to keep the tangle at bay usually is to keep the strands straight and smooth. Thus, you will have to comb your hair from time to time before you go to sleep. Also, if you notice that you have a lot of tangles, use a detangler to help you get rid of them completely.

Braid The Hair

If you sleep with your loose hair, the hair will tangle and your hair strands are eventually damaged. Therefore, if you have long hair, you should create one loose braid that flows to the back of your head to place first, which will be the safest method to make sure the hair is tangle-free.

Wrap The Hair With A Silk Scarf

You can use the silk or satin scarf to wrap the hair making sure it’s not too tight neither is it too loose that it will come out, but never the cotton one. After all, the cotton will absorb the moisture of your hair, but the silk or satin doesn’t. Additionally, you may use a satin or silk pillowcase.


And the best and easiest way to wrap the hair is to bring the scarf edges to the top of the crown, which means that you pull all of your hair strands to the front snd then tie it once again at the very top.

Use A Sleep Cap

If you find it hard to wrap the head with the scarf or the hair easily comes out, why not consider buying the sleep caps and using them when you are going to sleep.

For instance, you can loosely twist the hair to a bun, wrap the bun around your head, and then cover it with a sleep cap. It won’t absorb the extra moisture, and it makes sure the hair won't move around to prevent tangles, too.

For those people who have curly hair, it is a great idea to create a pineapple bun or a ponytail to keep the hair safe. Just need to loosen the bun and then use a wide-toothed comb to brush the hair when you wake up.



Don’t swim in seawater or a pool with your wet and wavy weave hair as the chlorinate will cause the hair to tangle. If you have to swim, then be sure to saturate the hair with water in advance to make sure the hair doesn’t absorb the chlorinated water into the strand. In addition, you had better wear a swim cap to completely enclose the hair and keep it dry.

How To Keep Wet And Wavy Hair Bundles Looking Wet

There is no denying that the beauty of sew in wet and wavy weave is that it naturally curls or waves, even without the need for chemical treatments or much work. The following are the steps about how to make the best wet and wavy hair weave look wet to maintain the outlook.

Step 1

Saturate your wet and wavy sew in weaves with water to activate the wavy or curly pattern. You need to make sure the hair is dripping wet and not just damp.

Step 2

Separate your wet and wavy weave human hair into 4 to 6 sections and then apply the cream moisture on the different parts until you see that the hair is fully coated. If possible, please use the curling cream on the hair strands to make sure all the strands have the coating.

Step 3

After you put on your creme moisturizer apply your favorite hair oil that works for your wet and wavy hair to your hair sections.

Step 4

Use a wide-toothed comb to brush each section and set each section down gently without separating the hair.

Step 5

Once all the sections are brushed through and set, place your wet and wavy human hair weave on the ventilated place and let it air dry completely before wearing it.

There is a video about how to maintain curly hair, and you can watch it for a reference.


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