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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy Under Weaves?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Wearing hair weaves offers a lot of versatility and helps you change styles and looks with an easy way and effortless maintenance. It’s perfect for women who want to change their look without enough volume and length to achieve the results. And if you want to refresh your looks meanwhile keeping your hair grow out healthily, having human hair weaves is a wise choice.

But we all agree that wearing wigs or weaves in summer is surely a challenge to the appearance and the health of our natural hair and scalp.

The hair weaves may look greasy and sticky in the hot season, and sometimes the hair may smell badly without regular cleansing and conditioning. It will affect your final hairstyle results and the color of your hair if you install colored hair bundles.

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Due to the humidity and high temperature, your hair and scalp under the weaves are desperate for air to breathe. It can cause your scalp itchy and oily and even affect the growth of your natural without enough time to get access to the air and a full washing routine.

So here we offer some tips for you to keep your natural hair and scalp healthy:

1. Choose the right way to Install the weaves

Choose the right way to Install the weaves

Not only the right method can have your hair blended perfectly with your natural hair and create a natural look, but it also can protect your hair and scalp.

Before you install your hair weaves, you need to wash the dirt and product build-ups out of your hair and scalp. And keep in mind that braiding your hair too tight is not good for your scalp and the hair, because the stress that comes from hair pulling may cause hair loss and breakage.

2. Shampoo your hair regularly

Shampoo your hair regularly

A cleaning routine must be part of your beauty care schedule and washing the hair every two weeks will suffice. In the summertime, you can clean your hair once a week if you have time and energy. You need to massage and wash gently your hair and scalp when you do the job instead of rubbing roughly. And be patient to rinse your scalp and hair to make sure that no build-ups are left.

3. Use conditioner to nourish your hair and scalp

Use conditioner to nourish your hair and scalp

After cleaning, you need to apply conditioner to your hair for adding moisture in case of dryness and breakage. Keeping your natural hair hydrated is essential for hair growth and health. And also you need to ensure all of the conditioners are washed away unless you apply a leave-in conditioner.

4. Apply oil treatment

Apply oil treatment

If you have problems with dry scalp or dandruff, you can treat your scalp with lightweight oil. And be careful not to mess up the rest of the hair with oil.

5. Protect your hair and scalp from sunlight

Protect your hair and scalp from sunlight

Most people aware that direct sunlight is bad for the skin, it can cause early aging, itchy, and even pain, etc. But exposing your hair and scalp is also not a great idea, especially in summer. You need to use a parasol, scarf, or hat to avoid direct sunlight. Or you can SPF products that are exclusively made for shielding hair from damaging sun rays.

6. Remove your hair weaves with patience and carefulness

Remove your hair weaves with patience and carefulness

Your natural hair will grow out under the weave hair, and you probably feel the difference in the styles and tightness of your cornrows. It’s suggested that you leave the work to the hairdresser.

Keep in mind that the health of hair should be given priority. Here are some hot deals for you to choose:

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For more information about the hair weaves, you can visit our unice Mall. And some hair care tips, hairstyle, and color trends for you at our unice blog section.

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