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How To Keep The Curly Wig Looking Wet?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Curly wigs are undoubtedly among the most beautiful wigs in the market today. They will give you that elegant and cute look you are yearning for. However, one of the main downsides of curly wigs is that they tend to tangle more compared to straight wigs.

When it comes to curly wigs, there are plenty of hairstyles you can try depending on your taste and preference. One of these hairstyles includes the wet-look hairstyle. This hairstyle has been trending for quite some time now. We have seen a couple of celebs and influencers rocking the wet-look hairstyle for a good reason.

There is something so chic and sexy about this look that we cannot deny. But just like any trendy hairstyle, it can be quite challenging to get this hairstyle right. In that case, you may not know where to start from. Fortunately, in this article, we give you tips that can help you get the wet-look hairstyle with your curly wig.

In this article, we will discuss:

Why you should go for the wet-look hairstyle?

How keep your curly wig looking wet?

How to take care of your curly wig?

Without wasting more time, let’s delve into them.

Why should you go for the wet-look hairstyle?

If you have never tried the wet-look hairstyle, you are probably wondering if it is worth it. Well, without a doubt, the wet-hairstyle look is beautiful. So if you are looking for a hairstyle that can give you that beautiful and elegant look you want to achieve, try the wet-look hairstyle. This hairstyle is also quite easy to make, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time trying to make it.

Moreover, by wearing the wet-look hairstyle, you will be part of the trend because this hairstyle is currently trending. We have seen a number of celebrities wearing this particular hairstyle.

How to achieve the wet-look hairstyle with your curly wig?

One of the best things about the wet-look hairstyle is that you can achieve it with any type of wig, including a curly wig. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make a wet-look hairstyle with your wet and wavy wig.

1. Saturate your curly wig with water

If you want to get the perfect wet-look hairstyle, your curly wig must be damp but not dripping wet. That’s because if your hair is dripping wet, the hair gel you are going to use may not stick perfectly. And if the gel does not adhere to the wig’s strands, you will not be able to get a perfect wet-look hairstyle. So make sure that you air dry your wig if it is dripping wet until it is damp. If you don’t want to wash your hair, you can simply spray it with a hair spray filled with water.

2. Detangle the knots

As mentioned already, curly wigs are more prone to tangling. So you need to detangle them regularly. The best way to do that is to use a wide-tooth comb to comb your wig. This type of comb is known to reduce breakage. Start detangling from the ends as you move upwards. This can prevent breakage. If your curly wig has knots, you can use your fingers to loosen them.  Your fingers are also perfect tools to help you detangle your curly wigs.

3. Choose the right gel

Choosing the right gel is also crucial if you want to end up with a perfect wet-look hairstyle. There are so many gels in the market today, so it can be quite difficult to know which one to go for. However, the rule of the thumb is to choose a non-sticky, hair shine hair gel. It will help keep the wig locked in place. The amount of gel you need depends on the length and density of your curly wig and its texture as well. However, be sure not to add too much gel to your wig as it can lead to clumps. The wig should be coated but not to an extent that it sticks too much.

4. Apply gel to your curly wig

Now that you have the right gel, it’s time to start applying it to your curly wig. As mentioned already, do not apply too much gel to your curly wig. Start applying the gel from the roots and the lengths. To get the perfect look, focus more on the roots. You can use your palm to see how it feels.

5. Comb your hair

Once you are comfortable with how your curly wig feels after applying the gel, the next step is to comb it. There are plenty of combs and hairbrushes you can use to style your curly wig depending on the look you want to achieve. For instance, you can use a fine-tooth comb if you want to create a more relaxed appearance. And if you prefer a perfected, sleek look, a boar bristle brush is the best option. Start combing your hair from the root to the ends.

6. Spritz on a glossing spray

Once the roots of your curly wig have a nice glossy finish, you now need to focus on the rest of your wig. You can use a glossing spray to make the roots and ends of your wig blend. Even though you want to work gel through the wig, adding wet-looking shine from a glossing spray will ensure that the wig isn’t too heavy and that you get that perfect wet-look hairstyle.

7. Style your curly wig

Finally, it is time to finish the process by styling your curly wig according to your taste and preference. You can tie it in a ponytail, do an updo, or just live the hair hanging. It is also advisable to use a hair spray at the end of the process to help keep your style intact. The best hair spray to use is the shine-enhancing spray. Spray it all over your real hair wig

Summary, How do I get my curls to look wet all day?

Follow this step-by-step guide to master your wet hair look.

Step 1: Start with damp hair. ...

Step 2: Choose the right hairspray. ...

Step 3: Apply a generous amount of hairspray to the roots. ...

Step 4: Comb or brush your hair. ...

Step 5: Spray with shine spray. ...

Step 6: Use hairspray to hold everything in place.

Now that you have learned to make a wet-look hairstyle with your curly wig, it is time to head out and purchase a curly wig and try out this amazing hairstyle. This will help you achieve a good-looking wet hair look.

UNice has more beautiful curly hairstyles suitable for wet hairstyles. Welcome to choose the style you like!

How to take care of your curly wigs?

Here are tips to help you take care of your curly wigs

1. Wash your curl wig regularly

Washing your curly wig regularly is crucial. This way, you will be able to remove dirt, dust, excess oil, etc., leaving your curly wig looking refreshed. Choose the products you use to wash your curly wig carefully. Avoid alcohol-based products as they can damage your wig by making it dry and frizzing.

Use sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners because they are gentle on curls. Curly wigs are naturally delicate so you need to use mild shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on the curls. Once you have washed your curly wig, it is advisable to let it air dry. But if you are in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer but at a low temperature. Finally, wash your curly wig at least once after every two weeks.

2. Comb your hair regularly to remove knots and tangles

Since curly wigs tend to tangle more compared to straight wigs, you need to comb them more often to remove tangles. A wide-tooth comb can help you detangle your wig perfectly. As mentioned above, a wide-tooth comb will not only remove the tangles but will also prevent breakage.

When detangling your curly wig, start from the ends as you slowly work your way up. When you notice a knot, you can remove it with your fingers.

3. Avoid hot styling tools

It is no secret that hot styling tools can damage your curly wig. Curling irons, hot rollers, and hairdryers can cause frizziness. This is why you shouldn’t use them more often. But if you must use them, ensure that they are on low heat and temperature.

4. Don’t sleep in your wig

If you want your curly wig to last longer, you should avoid sleeping in it. Sleeping in your curly wig can cause tangling and freezing. The friction between your hair and pillow can make your wig tangle. So you need to avoid sleeping in your wig. But if you must sleep in your wig, make sure that you wear a silk or satin nightcap. They can prevent the friction between your wig and the pillow, thus preventing your curly wig from tangling and drying out.

5. Store your curly wig properly

Finally, you need to store your curly wig properly. Storing your curly wig properly can prevent it from tangling and extend its lifespan. The best way to store your curly wig is to hang it on a mannequin head or wing stand. This will help your curly wig to maintain its structure and patterns.

 What should you not do with curly hair?

10 things you should never do if you have curly hair

Overwashing your hair. …

Use shampoo and conditioners that have sulfates. …

Forgetting to use oil. …

Relying too heavily on products. …

Using the wrong type of comb. …

Combing hair while it’s still wet. …

Using the wrong type of towel. …

Not using a diffuser.

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