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How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As the most popular texture in human hair, body wave hair can bring a charming and gorgeous hair look with soft and natural waves. However, many customers who had purchased body wave hair bundles have a common question: How to keep body wave hair wavy? Today we will teach you some useful tips about keeping body wave hair wavy.

What Is Body Wave Hair?


When it comes to the concept of body wave hair, it is a kind of human hair texture that has the consistent big “S” shape and natural, loose hair. Besides, it has a natural luster, looks fluffy and fashionable. No matter what occasions you take part in, the body wave hair weaves always bring the best and most beautiful wearing experience.

The Pros And Cons Of Body Wave Hair

1. All body wave hair weaves are made of 100% virgin human hair, and usually the original hair that is cut directly from the same donator’s head, handle by facing the original cuticle in the same direction, ensure no tangle and no shedding, and can last a long time with proper maintenance.

2. Body wave human hair weaves boast natural beachy waves. Nowadays, many girls are trying to get the same beachy waves with some styling products. Now just need some body wave hair to get the perfect hairstyle for every occasion and make you look stylish and edgy.

3. Body wave short hair is very versatile. When you are tired of the wavy look, you can straighten the waves with ease. Another benefit is that you can add luxurious curls in a snap of a finger. Like Brazilian body wave hair is very durable and can withstand heat from and flat or curling iron. The best part is if you ever get tired of the new look you created, you can just add water with a little shampoo and the wavy texture is back and better than ever.


4. Body wave human hair bundle has a long lifespan. One of the greatest features of body wave hair extensions is that they are easily reusable. That is because the body wave weave sew-in is produced with the original cuticle, and it hasn’t been styled by any more heat or curly procedure, so it keeps the advantage of tough.

Of course, you need to make sure that you are properly washing the body wave extensions to ensure that they are clean, and sturdy when being installed. After all, the grease and dirt build up and make the tracks slippery and hard to install. Keep in mind that with consistency, patience, and proper care, you can have long-lasting wavy hair bundles that you love.

5. Bundles human hair body wave has the cheapest price. Compare with other fashionable human hairstyles, the body wave weave extension is the most economical hairstyle you should buy. It is wavier than straight hair, thus making the body wave weave human hair more fashionable.

But it has the same price as straight human hair, it is much cheaper than other textures of curly popular human hairstyles. For those people who want to not only buy human hair with the fashionable style but also at a low budget, the body wave weave Remy human hair should be the right choice.

6. Human hair body wave hair bundles don’t require extra care.

But many people usually complain that the hair can’t keep wavy or curly after they wash it. As a matter of fact, almost all people have the same question based on human hair’s characteristics. Now we will tell you how to keep your body wave human hair wavy or curly human hair.

How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy?

Some women don’t want to wash the popular body wave human hair since they are afraid of the hair will become straight after washing. But it is actually a wrong concept. Only keeping the body wave weave hair clean can make the body wave hair extensions in healthy and good condition. Now follow the following step to keep body wave hair wavy.

1. Do Not Use High Power Hairdryer To Dry It

After washing Peruvian body wave human hair bundles, dry the moisture with a clean dry microfiber towel gently. Keep in mind that you don’t rudely dry hair since the hair cuticle is open after washing and it is easy to damage when you dry the hair rudely. Then let the body wave hair dry naturally in the air until there isn’t any water drop down. When your hair is 80% dry, it would be better to add some hair care oil on your body wave weave Remy human hair.

2. Comb hair From The Top To The End

During the process of applying the hair oil to your Brazilian body wave hair, comb your hair with your finger gently from the top to the end. And you don’t need too much hair oil, and just need to apply moderate oil evenly spreading to your head and your body wave human hair. You can also roll the hair evenly with your hand during the time when you smear the hair.

3. Style Your Hair With Curl Defining Cream

The next step is to style the wavy pattern. You should prepare a good quality of mousse that is very useful for hair styling in advance. Then smear the mousse evenly on your body wave hair weaves and roll the hair following the curve at the same time. At the same time, don’t apply too much mousse because it is easy to attract dust.

4. Allow Your Body Wave Hair Dry Completely In The Air

If possible, you had better let Malaysian body wave hair bundles completely dry in the air rather than use a wind to blow the hair divergent. Or you can use a hair blow with a wavy or curly dryer as well, which could dry and fix the wavy and curly hair very well.

5. Deep-condition Hair Regularly With Conditioner

In order to avoid tangles and shedding, you can try to deep-condition hair every two weeks, which can give nutrition to the hair to keep it well and let it not easy to feel dry.

Although body wave hair and human hair wig looks natural and stylish, you need to follow the above mention tips in order to keep your wig wavy. We hope you can go for the best and keep its original look by applying the above 5 ways and keep your body wave hair wig new and wavy.

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