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How To Install A Perfect Side Part Wig?

Last updated Nov.28,2022 share with

The side part wig is perfect for any face shape because it fits almost every face shape and you can choose to part your hair to the left or right. With the side part wig, you can have the most natural and attractive look, as well as voluminous hair and hide thinning areas. Here's how you can create a perfect side part wig hairstyle.

1. Steps to install the perfect side part wig?


Before you start you need to take out the side part wig you purchased and check if the wig has a proper size and if the length is what you want. After adjusting the size of the wig cap, put a wig cap on your hair, it is best to choose a breathable material wig cap, so that the scalp can get better breathing.

●Step 1 Adjust wig lace

Choose a bottle of foundation from your foundation that is closer to your scalp's skin tone, we need to dye the lace on the wig to suit your skin tone. Take out a foundation brush and apply the foundation on the back of your hand, dip it evenly on the back of your hand and then brush the foundation on the lace.

Adjust wig lace

Blow dry the lace and then use a pair of scissors to cut off the excess at the edges. Of course, if you are new to wig-wearing, you can choose to cut the edge of the lace with a brow scraper, which will reduce errors.

 cut off the excess at the edges

After cutting the lace, you need to take out a bottle of hairspray or spray and paste the lace on your forehead. When you are done, use a hair dryer to dry the glue with cold air, then take out scissors to cut off the excess lace.

paste the lace

●Step 2 Make baby hair

Baby hair gives your side part wig a more natural look. Use a fine-tooth comb to part some hair from the forehead, then cut the hair short and use a bandage to fix the baby hair on the forehead, and then remove it after five minutes. In the process of waiting you can choose the direction of the hair, to the left to do a side part wig, or to the right, it is your choice.

Make baby hair

●Step 3 Make the side part and comb the hair

This step can be done together with fixing baby hair. If you choose to part your hair to the right, then use a fine tooth comb to part two-thirds of your hair to the right side of your head. After the hair is parted, then take out the hot comb to comb the wig more smoothly, to avoid excessive fluffy hair.

comb the hair

●Step 4 Styling

After completing the above steps, you may find that the hair seam is not as natural as it should be, but a whitish color. You can dip a bit of loose powder or hairline powder and use a brow powder brush to apply it evenly on the hairline. Then take out your heat styling device, if you like curly hair use a curling iron if you like straight hair then choose flat iron.


2. Select side part wigs for beauties to try

2.1 HD pre-plucked invisible wig

HD will be much more realistic than other lace wigs, it is almost invisible when worn on the head, and you no longer need to use foundation to color the lace, HD lace is invisible on any kind of scalp. 100% real hair material allows you to have a naturally voluminous look after wearing the wig. body wave and side part combination are more beautiful.

HD pre-plucked invisible wig

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2.2 High-density lace closure wig

The advantage of high density is that your hair will look lush and have a high, fluffy, natural-looking cranial top. The 5*5 inches of lace will cover your forehead perfectly.

High-density lace closure wig

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2.3 Side part bob wig

After seeing the previous side part wig for long hair, you must also want to see what a side part wig for short hair looks like. The length in the middle of the neck, so that the hair does not look too long, draped hair will feel just right. The side part wig also has a feature that can help you modify the contour of your face and make you look like you have a perfect face shape.

Side part bob wig

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2.4 Straight side part bob wig

Straight hair can also create the perfect side part wig, this side part bob wig has a 4 inches long hair slit, to restore the most realistic hair slit for you. Break the limitations of the traditional wig, the side part design allows you to be more trendy, and definitely not look rigid.

Straight side part bob wig

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2.5 Ginger orange body wave wig

If natural brown and black are the closest to life hair color, then the color wig is a better way to highlight your personality hair color. ginger orange wig suitable for cold weather in autumn and winter, in the dreary weather your ginger hair will become the highlight of the scene.

Ginger orange body wave wig

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3. Conclusion

A side part wig is indeed a great way to change your limp hair quickly, it can cover up your thinning hair and make your hair look voluminous and light, if you also want to try a side part wig, don't miss UNice wig!

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